Chris Pine Is the King of the Freaky Post-Gym Fit

Oh, yeah: Chris Pine is still freaking it.

The actor, who snagged the title of GQ’s most stylish man last year by way of his ’70s-yachtcore suits and oddball-provincial casualwear, has turned personal style into what seems like a very leisurely pastime. This is especially true when he’s just out and about in Los Angeles, doing his Chris Pine activities (going to a workout class, taking his classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer out for a spin, having lunch in Silver Lake) while wearing his fun Chris Pine outfits.

Take, for example, the quirked-up workout ensemble Pine wore while grabbing java from Blue Bottle Coffee after a dance class in Los Feliz this weekend. He supplemented his gym fit—a pair of loose black athletic shorts layered over black Under Armour leggings, a scoop-neck gray top bearing the PBS logo (!)—with rose-tinted leather slip-on huarache sandals by Nisolo, which are a longtime favorite of Pine’s (and, as it turns out, my colleagues over at GQ Recommends). To freak things up even more, he shrouded the whole fit with a rainbow-sherbet-striped cashmere “smoking jacket” from celeb-loved Los Angeles knitwear brand The Elder Statesman.

Pine, wearing a more somber version of his go-to workout ensemble, in March 2022.

BG015/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

The “internet boyfriend” allure of Pine caping up for the Public Broadcasting Service aside, the real crux of his outfit here is the enviably autumnal striped sweater jacket, which retails for $2,395 and is currently still available on the brand’s website. The Don’t Worry Darling actor wore the same Elder Statesman sweater after another dance class earlier this month, when he paired it with a similar Nike running tights-shorts combo and a low-slung merch tank from the burger chain Big Boy. Pine has made a habit of mixing techy goth gymwear with wilder accessories, such as bulbous clogs or socks with Birks. Call this a liberal-leaning cousin of what GQ columnist Chris Black once termed the “dust fit”: a hodgepodge workout ensemble that’s an antithesis to the “sleek ninja look” ubiquitous at Equinox locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

Not to mention, Pine’s muss of salt-and-pepper hair is looking especially mussy these days—his killer post-pandemic beard doesn’t hurt matters, either. It’s too bad he left one of his weird little hats at home.

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