CES 2024 unveils game-changing tech for tomorrow’s world

Masks that would look at home in a spy’s arsenal, flying taxis, language interpreters, home robots and a whole lot more was on show at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Packed full of innovative gadgets, game-changing tech and all the latest bright, shiny objects, it’s an expo that attracts the who’s who of the tech sphere to showcase their latest developments.

CES 2024 didn’t disappoint, offering up everything from new applications for artificial intelligence, to flying taxis, a whole host of ways to communicate with clarity were on offer.

Here is just a small snapshot of what was on offer and how the tech might be made useful in real estate.

TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub

TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub

Timekettle’s X1 Interpreter Hub revolutionises translation technology and could make it possible for real estate agents to converse with clients in a host of languages.

Priced at US$699, the device enables simultaneous multi-language interpretation for up to 20 people in one setting.

The X1 excels in seamless meeting integration, handling five languages at once without the need for extra apps. 

The X1 Interpreter Hub is specifically designed and developed for business meetings, voice calls, and multilingual classrooms that require seamless translations in various languages, making it an ideal solution for international collaboration and communication.

With earbuds that facilitate direct conversation for pairs, the hub can serve 20 participants. 

It offers diverse modes for different scenarios, including a handheld translator option.

Key features include remote dial-in, translation recording, and easy launch for live meetings, with a remarkable 95 per cent translation accuracy. 

Future enhancements like video audio translation and AI voice cloning are expected to further elevate its market impact. 

The X1 Interpreter Hub is poised to transform business and education, enabling effortless, real-time multi-language communication.

Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi

Supernal S A2 Electric Air Taxi
Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi

Running late to an open or an auction? The Supernal S-A2 Electric Air Taxi could get you there on time.

Supernal, which is part of the Hyundai Motor Group, revealed the S-A2, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle concept, at CES this year, marking a significant step in their vision for everyday passenger air travel

The S-A2 is designed to carry a pilot and four passengers, optimised for city operation with a cruising speed of about 190kmh at an altitude of about 450m, and is ideal for 40km to 65km trips. 

It features a distributed electric propulsion system with eight all-tilting rotors, ensuring quiet operation comparable to a dishwasher in both takeoff, landing, and horizontal cruising. 

Safety and sustainability are prioritised in its design, with a robust airframe structure, redundant critical systems, and a focus on passenger comfort. 

The vehicle’s all-tilting rotor configuration efficiently manages both vertical-lift and horizontal-cruise flight phases. 

Aesthetically, the S-A2 blends automotive design with functionality, featuring distinct pilot and passenger sections, aviation-grade seat components, and adaptive lighting for an enhanced passenger experience. 

Samsung Ballie

Samsung Ballie
Samsung Ballie

You may have thought you’d seen the last of Samsung’s little yellow home robot Ballie, but it was back at CES 2024.

This time around it is equipped with a unique feature that allows it to project images onto floors, walls, or ceilings, enhancing its functionality as it accompanies you around your home. 

In a captivating demonstration, Ballie showcased its projection capabilities by entertaining a dog with a video of a bird, facilitating a video call on a wall, and aiding a workout session with a fitness video. 

Samsung has engineered Ballie to intelligently adjust its projections based on distance from surfaces and ambient lighting conditions, boasting it as the first projector to adapt projection angles according to people’s posture and facial orientation.

Apart from its projection talents, Ballie also functions as a smart home assistant. 

It can manage household tasks such as switching on lights, feeding pets, and even operating appliances like air conditioners and laundry machines. 

Its ability to text updates on its actions adds to its interactive nature. 

Furthermore, Ballie is designed to follow you around the house, greeting you as you enter, adding a personal touch to its interactions. 

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t released a price or availability information just yet, but we could see it being a unique assistant at open homes or even just a handy helping hand to get your home ready for you after a long afternoon of appraisals and listing presentations.

Clicks Technologies iPhone case

Clicks keyboard for iPhone
Clicks keyboard for iPhone

An iPhone case might sound pretty dull, but not when it revives a beloved feature of the classic BlackBerry smartphone: a physical keyboard. 

Developed by Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk, along with experts from Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, Clicks provides a physical keyboard option for iPhones. 

This product caught attention at CES 2024, appealing to enthusiasts of physical keyboards.

Priced at US$139 for standard iPhones and US$159 for larger models, Clicks has already launched its iPhone 14 Pro version, with iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models expected soon. 

Early buyers receive the Clicks Founders Edition case, offering VIP support and early access to future colour options. 

The case comes in eye-catching colours like BumbleBee yellow and London Sky, crafted in silicon for easy grip and iPhone insertion.

Clicks operates without Bluetooth or battery, drawing power directly from the iPhone. 

It’s designed with accessible protectors for buttons and ports, ensuring uninterrupted iPhone functionality. 

The keyboard itself has been meticulously engineered for a satisfying typing experience, despite an initial adjustment period from virtual keyboards.

Clicks isn’t just about typing; it enhances iPhone navigation with features like CMD key commands and third-party app shortcuts. 

An upcoming Clicks app promises to expand these capabilities. 

The keyboard also maximises screen space, making it a valuable tool for content creators accustomed to physical keyboards.

Skyted Silent Mask

Skyted Silent Mask
Skyted Silent Mask

Have you ever wished you could enact the Cone of Silence from Get Smart when you’re having confidential price discussions with your vendors over the phone?

Enter the Skyted Silent Mask. 

While it might sound like a product perfectly suited to the Covid pandemic, the compact mask, from a French startup of the same name, is not just any mask.

It’s lined with LEONAR technology, which was initially designed to quiet jet engines, and absorbs 80 per cent of your voice frequencies. 

Imagine speaking freely, your words transmitted clearly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, all while external noises are kept at bay. 

Need to amp up your voice? 

The electronic boosting system has you covered. 

What’s more, a full charge gives you a solid 10 hours of privacy, and if you need to switch to a face-to-face chat, just hit mute and use the external speaker. 

This isn’t just a mask; it’s your ticket to hassle-free, private conversations, now available on Kickstarter.

Should you be interested, the Skyted Silent Mask is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of US$199 will get you one – the planned retail price is $799.

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