Ceiling Design Ideas for Every Type Of Space

Ceiling design is often, quite literally, overlooked. Design experts wish you would reconsider, pause, and look up to all the possibilities of this oft-neglected yet key element of home design or renovation. “Enhancing the ceiling with wall covering can transform a room’s visual dynamics by drawing the eye upward, creating a sense of height and spaciousness,” says Samantha Pratt, founder and principal designer at Samantha Ashley Designs in Chester County, PA, who shares that this addition effectively creates a captivating focal point. “The interplay between the ceiling covering and the walls redirect the viewer’s sight lines up and around the space, making it feel more engaging,” she adds.

When contemplating ceiling design ideas, Pratt urges clients to keep the following in mind:

Architectural features

You want to be realistic when embarking on any home renovation project, so “look at the room and take into account what cannot be moved, such as architectural features or structural elements,” Pratt says of this smart first step in your Mission: Ceiling Design Update MO.

Style and theme

Will design elements that attract attention above flow “with the overall harmony of the room”? Be intentional about the ceiling components to ensure that they do.

Height and Proportions

“Consider the height of the ceiling and scale of the room,” Pratt says, elaborating that only styles, objects, and patterns that complement and enhance the space should be implemented. “For example, we would not suggest a coffered ceiling in an 8′ space, but perhaps a pattern of lines or woven texture to enhance it more, making it feel higher,” she says.

Acoustics and lighting

Decorative or recessed lighting goes a long way. “Think about how this would highlight and accentuate the design elements,” Pratt says, adding that in areas with higher ceilings, she suggests items that absorb or diffuse sound and create a cozy environment without echoes and noise.

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