Careless Biker Causes Truck To Hit Tata Nexon On Highway [Video]

Driving on Indian roads has to be one of the riskiest endeavors in the world. We have come across several videos where people have gotten into accidents for no fault of their own. Here we have a video where a careless biker attempts to cross a highway without looking at oncoming traffic. The rider completely ignored the Tata Nexon, trucks, and buses coming towards his direction and applied brakes just as he reached the middle of the road. Here is what happened after that.


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The video has been shared by The Indian Motorhead on their Instagram page. The video was actually recorded on the helmet camera of a biker who was waiting to cross the same highway on the opposite side. The accident took place at Madhapar circle, NH 27, in Rajkot, Gujarat. As the video starts, we can see a biker on the opposite side of the road. It is clear that his intentions were to come to the other side of the road. The biker was careless and completely forgot to look for vehicles coming towards him.

He started crossing the road, and halfway through the process, he realized he needed to look at the oncoming traffic. By then, it was too late, and he saw a Tata Nexon approaching at high speed. The biker decided to apply brakes and turn the bike away from the car. The Tata Nexon driver tried his best to avoid the crash and applied brakes. The blinkers for emergency brakes even went off. The Tata Nexon driver swerved the car away from the biker and managed to save the biker.

Careless biker on highway
Careless biker on highway

Just as he thought he had avoided an accident, a loaded truck that was coming from the rear had also applied brakes; however, due to the weight that it was carrying, stopping a truck is not as easy as stopping a car. The truck driver did swerve the truck left and right with the intention to slow down while applying brakes; however, the truck driver couldn’t do much.

The driver did manage to slow down in time; however, the truck only stopped after hitting the rear of the Nexon SUV. Just as the truck stopped, we see a Volvo bus passing through the left lane where the biker was standing. All this happened within seconds. The bus driver probably managed to slow down as he was behind these two vehicles. In this case, the biker was clearly at fault. A simple mistake from the biker’s side is what has led to this accident.

If the rider had been a bit more careful and had looked at oncoming traffic, he could have easily avoided this situation. The alert Nexon driver did manage to avoid a crash, and we feel sorry that his car was rear-ended by a truck that was following them. This is a good example that shows how one can get involved in an accident on Indian roads for no reason of their own. The person who was the root cause of this crash was safe and didn’t even have any injury. If the car had not stopped in time, he could have been in serious trouble as he was not wearing any helmet. A riding helmet is an absolute must while riding a two-wheeler. This is to save the rider from head injury in case of an accident.

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