Car thief steals Volkswagen Taigun: Gets caught while filling fuel [Video]

Vehicle theft remains a major problem in India to this day. We have come across cases where thieves are now utilizing modern techniques and technologies to steal vehicles. Recently, an incident occurred in Kerala where a thief stole a brand new Volkswagen Taigun from a dealership but was caught at a petrol pump while attempting to fill fuel. CCTV footage of the SUV thief has already surfaced online.

The video was shared by Manorama News on their YouTube channel, and the incident took place on July 28 of this year. The car was stolen from a Volkswagen dealership in Ernakulam’s Kundannoor region. After stealing the car, the thief drove to a nearby petrol pump at around 3 am. He asked the staff to fill the fuel tank completely and, when the staff asked for payment, he claimed that the amount had already been transferred to their manager’s account.

At the time of the incident, there were two staff members present at the petrol pump. They carefully observed the SUV and noticed that it did not have any registration plates, which raised suspicions about the person. They informed the thief that they needed to call the manager to confirm the payment. Instead of calling the manager, they discreetly contacted the police officers who were patrolling the region.

The police promptly arrived at the petrol pump and started talking to the thief about the car. Under questioning, the thief confessed that he had stolen the car from the nearby Volkswagen dealership. Consequently, the thief was arrested and detained for the theft. The simple mistake of not paying for the petrol led to his capture. Had he paid for the fuel, the petrol pump staff might not have noticed the absence of a vehicle registration number.

Stolen Taigun at petrol pump

Currently, the exact details of the person who stole the vehicle are not available, and it is unclear whether he is a habitual offender or not. Furthermore, it remains uncertain how the thief managed to steal a brand-new vehicle from a dealership. Typically, dealerships have security staff on duty at night, but there is no mention of such security measures in this case. It is also unknown whether the thief had meticulously planned the theft or if it was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

While motorcycles or two-wheelers are often the primary targets of thieves, it is essential to remember that cars are not entirely safe from theft. Numerous cases exist where law enforcement has recovered stolen cars worth millions in the past. If you own a car, there are a few precautionary measures you should keep in mind when parking it. Firstly, consider installing a GPS tracker in your vehicle, as this will enable you to monitor its real-time location and even remotely disable it using a mobile phone. Additionally, try to park your vehicle in well-lit areas and consider using additional anti-theft devices such as gear locks or steering locks. These measures will make it more challenging for thieves to break into your car and may ultimately lead them to abandon the theft attempt.

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