Car Owner: ‘Thought Sunroof Is For Scenery’ After Cops Warn Of Fine

An incident has surfaced the internet where Bhopal police has flagged the misuse of sunroofs in cars, emphasizing both traffic violations and safety hazards associated with the practice of getting out of sunroof in a moving car. As sunroofs become increasingly common, even in mass-market vehicles, many owners seem unaware of the legal implications and risks involved.

The feeling of wind while popping out of a sunroof during a drive is undeniable. However, this seemingly harmless act can land you in trouble with the law. Guru Lal, a resident of Indrapuri, expressed surprise when informed about the illegality of the practice, stating, “I was under the impression that it was for seeing around while driving. Now that I know, I will not do it next time.

Similarly, Yudhveer Singh from Kolar remarked that he had never heard of fines being imposed for such behavior, indicating a lack of awareness among car owners regarding the legal ramifications. However, police authorities warn that such actions are not only illegal but also dangerous.

Bride standing out of Hyundai Verna's sunroof

Sunroofs are primarily intended to facilitate air circulation within vehicles, but their misuse for standing or protruding out of moving vehicles poses significant risks. Apart from the threat of sudden brakes, there’s also the danger of debris and electrical wires hitting the person which can lead to severe injuries or fatalities.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) of 1988, section 184 prohibits driving in a manner that endangers public safety, encompassing behaviors like standing inside a moving vehicle to look out of a sunroof. Additionally, section 177 grants authorities the power to penalize offenses not explicitly defined by the law.

In light of these regulations, Additional DCP (traffic) Basant Kaul emphasized the importance of adhering to safety norms, stating, “Standing inside a moving car to look out of the sunroof is against the law and is also dangerous.

Another case of sunroof misuse: Children hang out of moving Mahindra XUV300’s sunroof

While sunroofs offer a pleasant driving experience when used appropriately, their misuse can lead to legal consequences and compromise safety. Car owners are urged to familiarize themselves with traffic regulations and prioritize safety over momentary indulgence.

Girl's standing out of Rolls Royce's sunroof
Girl’s standing out of Rolls Royce’s sunroof

Here’s one such incident: Kia Carnival Passengers Fall After Hanging Out Of Sunroof

By raising awareness about the legal and safety implications of sunroof misuse, authorities aim to curb this risky behavior and ensure safer roads for all commuters. Remember, the next time you’re tempted to pop out of your sunroof, it might cost you more than just a fine—it could cost you your safety.


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