Bus jumps signal, crashes into Ford Endeavour and overturns: 10 in bus injured, everyone in Endeavour safe [Video]

Traffic rule violations are quite common in India. We have come across several instances where people have been apprehended by the police for such violations. In many cities, skipping traffic signals is very common. This is actually a very dangerous practice, as the chances of colliding with another vehicle or a road user are quite high. Here, we have a video from Kolkata that illustrates why it is crucial to stop at a traffic signal.

The video was shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel and was also shared with some of his subscribers. The accident occurred somewhere in Kolkata. In this video, we can see a junction with vehicles waiting for their turn. From the left-hand side of the screen, a bus can be seen rushing and attempting to get to the other side. It appears to be a bus operated by a private company. The bus was being driven recklessly. As it tried to cross the junction, a Ford Endeavour can be seen attempting to cross the intersection at the same time. Both vehicles were traveling at a significant speed.

It seems that the traffic signal was green for the Ford Endeavour, and the bus driver was trying to skip the signal without stopping. The reason for this is revealed later in the video. The Ford Endeavour driver did not anticipate a bus suddenly appearing in front of his vehicle. He couldn’t stop in time, and the SUV collided with the side of the bus. The bus driver also lost control of the vehicle, and after hitting the Endeavour, the bus toppled onto its side.

Endeavour crashing into bus

The front-end, left-side fenders, and doors of the Endeavour sustained damage. The bus also suffered damage to its panels. The video also shows that the alloy wheels of the Endeavour were damaged in the crash. The roof and pillars of the SUV appear to be undamaged in the video.

The video reveals that the bus driver was actually racing with another bus on the same road. This is a behavior commonly observed in many parts of the country. We can see the other bus running the same signal just after the crash. This video serves as a reminder of why it is essential to stop at a traffic signal. If it is a junction without a signal, one must always stop and look before proceeding. The bus involved in the accident had passengers onboard, and according to the video, close to 10 passengers suffered injuries.

The occupants in the Ford Endeavour are safe. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have encountered an accident like this. There have been several cases where reckless driving by bus drivers has resulted in accidents, and in many instances, people have lost their lives. Fortunately, the bikers who were waiting for the signal on the other side did not get injured in the accident. In this case, both the Ford Endeavour driver and the bus driver should have been more careful. Those driving heavy vehicles like buses and trucks should be much more vigilant and alert on the road.

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