Bus in wrong lane hits MG Hector: Pushes it 10 metres back

We have encountered several incidents in which drivers of heavy vehicles have caused accidents due to their carelessness. In certain states of India, bus drivers are known for their rash driving, and one such state is Kerala. However, we are not making a blanket statement here; there are both government and private bus drivers who disregard rules and drive recklessly on a daily basis. A video depicting one such incident has surfaced online from Kerala, wherein a bus, driving in the wrong lane, collides with an MG Hector SUV, pushing it back. Fortunately, all the passengers in the SUV escaped without any major injuries.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel and was also posted in a Facebook group. The incident occurred somewhere in Kerala, though the exact location of the accident remains unknown. The entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed in a shop adjacent to the road. The video we are currently watching is a compilation of footage from two different cameras.

From the video, it is evident that the accident took place on a narrow two-lane road with a significant number of vehicles. The road appeared wet due to rain, and vehicles were moving on both sides. Suddenly, a pink-colored private bus attempts to overtake other vehicles by moving into the opposite lane. The bus was being driven at a considerable speed. Although the driver overtakes a couple of vehicles, the bus continues to remain on the wrong side of the road. In the meantime, an MG Hector SUV approaches from the opposite direction. The SUV driver notices the approaching bus and stops the car, recognizing the bus driver’s reckless behavior.

Bus crashed into Hector

Anticipating that the bus driver would slow down and return to his lane, the SUV driver halts the vehicle. However, this expectation is not met. Despite the bus driver’s attempt to stop, the wet road causes the wheels to lock, resulting in a collision with the front of the SUV. The bus has so much speed that it pushed the SUV back by at least 10 metres. The subsequent scene shows the occupants of the MG Hector pounding on the bus’s door. The owner of the MG Hector displays visible anger, rightfully attributing fault to the bus driver. The bus driver refrains from opening the doors, as doing so would only exacerbate the situation.

The front end of the Hector SUV sustains severe damage. The SUV appears to have had three occupants, including the driver. One occupant is observed holding their head, while the others seem unharmed. Thankfully, all of them have escaped the accident with minor injuries. The cabin and A-pillar of the SUV appear intact. The front of the bus also bears damage. The police arrived at the scene following the accident, although it remains unclear what actions were taken against the bus driver. Individuals operating heavy vehicles such as buses or trucks should remain vigilant. Notably, it seems that the bus was unoccupied during the time of the accident. Adhering to the city’s speed limits and maintaining lane discipline are imperative. Often, private bus drivers drive recklessly to reach their designated stops on time, given that their schedules are tightly timed.

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