Bus gets stuck off the road: Toyota Hilux pulls it out [Video]

Toyota currently offers models like Toyota Innova, Fortuner, Glanza & Land Cruiser in the Indian market. Last year, Toyota finally launched its popular pickup truck, the Hilux, in India. The truck received such an overwhelming response that Toyota had to temporarily stop accepting bookings. Deliveries for the Hilux have commenced in India, and we have been seeing videos from various owners online. It is an SUV that many off-road enthusiasts have wanted in the market for years. Being a globally renowned pick-up truck, it is meant to take on even the toughest of terrains. Here, we have a video where a Toyota Hilux is seen pulling out a bus that had slipped away from the road.

The video has been shared by the as_we_disclose Instagram page. The post says, “On our way back to Bengaluru from Chikmagalur, we came across a bus which was stuck, and we wanted to provide our help in the best way possible. As we carry our recovery equipment, we could manage to attach the strap to the bus and decide to pull it out. To our surprise, the entire process was smooth, and it takes great effort to be effortless. Hilux is truly a beast that is still unexplored.”

In this video, we can clearly see a bus that has slipped away from the road. It does not look like an accident. It is possible that the rear wheels of the bus might have slipped after it was parked on the mud on the roadside. As it is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, it could not have pulled itself out as the rear wheels had no traction in them. That is when the Toyota Hilux came into the picture. The Hilux was carrying recovery equipment with it. It looks like the Hilux seen here in the video has been modified for off-roading. The alloy wheels and the tires on the pickup look different from the stock ones.

Hilux rescuing bus

The tow strap was attached to the front of the bus. After attaching the strap securely, the Hilux started pulling the bus. There was a bit of wheel spin but, once the Hilux got some traction, it started making progress, and within seconds, the bus was on the road. The SUV managed to pull the bus out effortlessly. It is an extremely capable off-roader, and recently, the Indian Army also announced the addition of the Toyota Hilux 4×4 luxury pickup truck to their fleet. The decision was made after a rigorous selection process conducted by the Army’s Technical Evaluation Committee, which compared various potential vehicles.

The Toyota Hilux is offered with a single 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine capable of producing a maximum of 204 PS and 420 Nm peak torque with the manual transmission, or 500 Nm with the automatic transmission. This engine option is identical to the one powering the Toyota Fortuner. All the variants of this pickup truck are available with a 4×4 system as standard. It has a water wading capacity of 700 mm, and Toyota is also offering LSD, rear diff locks, and an electronic differential lock. The price for the Toyota Hilux starts at Rs 30.41 lakh, ex-showroom.

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