Buffalo herd surprises driver on highway; Ends up paying Rs 35k for no mistake of his [Video]

There’s no denying the fact that Indian roads are filled with surprises and uncertainties. In India, most accidents happen due to the negligence of the drivers of the vehicles involved. However, there are times when accidents take place due to situations that are out of anyone’s control. Here’s one such accident in which a Maruti Suzuki S-Cross collided with a buffalo that came out of nowhere in the middle of a highway.

The accident has been reported in a video by the YouTube channel of Prateek Singh. It shows how a Maruti Suzuki S-Cross met with an accident involving a buffalo, which was part of a herd that suddenly appeared in the middle of a highway. The incident shown in the video was reported by the owner of the S-Cross, who was driving from Kerala to Puri in his car on National Highway No. 16 when he collided with a buffalo.

Due to the sudden appearance of the herd of buffaloes, the S-Cross driver was unable to respond quickly and collided with one of the buffaloes on the highway. As a result of this collision, the buffalo involved died on the spot, and the S-Cross suffered damage to the front bumper, front windshield, right-side headlamp, front fender, and A-pillar.

Owner of buffaloes demanded compensation

After the collision, the owner of the herd of buffaloes demanded Rs 25,000 as compensation from the S-Cross owner for the demise of his buffalo. To his surprise, even the local police tried to extract Rs 10,000 from the S-Cross owner, who successfully avoided the situation and refused to pay any money to the local police. This comes as a surprise because the local police didn’t support the S-Cross driver, even though he had video proof of the accident, which was recorded on the dashcam within his car.

This incident highlights a few things. Firstly, accidents on high-speed highways are not always the fault of the vehicle drivers; sometimes, uncontrollable situations lead to such accidents that are beyond anyone’s control. Secondly, local police should support the side that is less at fault in such uncontrollable situations by carefully examining the situation, rather than blindly supporting one side. And thirdly, this accident underscores the importance of having a dashcam in a vehicle, which can be a boon for providing proof in accidents like this.

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