Brian Cox Hit ‘The Tonight Show’ in Pitch-Perfect Loafers

Brian Cox is not starring in a new James Bond movie. The celebrated Scottish actor appeared last night on The Tonight Show to promote 007: Road to a Million, Amazon’s new Prime Video game show in which a bunch of people compete for a million British pounds in Bond-related challenges. Cox plays the competition’s domineering host, but as he confessed to Jimmy Fallon, when they first approached him with the project, he wrongly assumed it was a Bond movie. “I would love to be in James Bond,” he explained sadly. “I thought this was my moment, but it wasn’t.”

But Cox did use his time on Fallon to remind us that he’s got the style to compete with any Bond actor. In pinstriped shirt and leather trousers, Cox made a memorably suave impression, capping the striking look off with some of the best shoes we’ve seen on late night TV in a minute: a sleek pair of horsebit loafers by Kith.

Handmade in Portugal, these premium loafers were designed by the streetwear brand for Chris Echevarria’s superb Brooklyn-based footwear company Blackstock & Weber, a collab that turned heads when it dropped this past August in tandem with Blackstock & Weber’s fall ‘23 collection. If these shoes seem ideally suited to Cox’s distinguished look, that would make sense: He’s the face of the campaign, having appeared in Kith images with viral-worthy panache.

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