Brand-new Tata Punch owner loses control soon after delivery: Crashes into multiple vehicles [Video]

Accidents involving new cars are becoming more common nowadays. Here is one more that shows how inexperienced car owners are a threat on the roads. Just like another similar accident that happened a few days ago, this one got caught on CCTV as well.

This video shows a newly delivered Tata Punch on a crowded city junction. The CCTV footage shows the Punch taking a turn while an autorickshaw has stopped right at the junction to deboard the passengers. As the Punch makes a left turn, another autorickshaw attempting to make a right turn comes and stands right next the Punch.

The Punch driver made the left turn but it is likely that the person did not spot the autorickshaw. The Tata Punch crashed into the rickshaw, which further confused the new driver. It seems like that the driver got pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, which caused the Punch to crash.

The driver of the Punch did not stop after the car got over the autorickshaw. Instead, the vehicle kept on going. The autorickshaw fell on its side as the Tata Punch climbed on it. The video from mobile phone also shows that the Punch climbed on a scooter as well.

All the passengers of the Tata Punch and the autorickshaw were safe and came out safely. No injuries were reported in the accident but the car got some heavy damage. Even the scooter and the autorickshaw received damages.

Tata Punch driven by a new driver fell 6 feet

Another recent video shows a new owner driving a new car on a relatively empty stretch of road. After making a turn, the car loses control and falls into a basement, appearing to be at least 6 feet deep.

The Tata Punch impacts the bottom with its right front side first. Although it was a low-impact accident, the passengers inside the vehicle could have been injured if they were not wearing seatbelts. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries in the accident, and everyone in the car came out safely.

Many similar post-delivery accidents have been reported. In one infamous case, a Tata Tiago AMT fell from the first floor of a showroom while the customer was familiarizing themselves with the car. In another incident, a Kia Carnival crashed into a wall during delivery as the customer was manoeuvring the car down a ramp from the showroom. Yet another accident involved a brand-new Volkswagen Polo. After taking delivery, the customer lost control of the car in the showroom parking lot, causing the hatchback to overturn within minutes.

Obtaining a driving license in India is relatively easy and is considered one of the easiest countries to procure a license. However, new drivers should spend more time honing their skills and gaining experience on public roads. Since many Indians do not strictly adhere to road rules, driving under such conditions can be more challenging. One should exercise caution, gain confidence, and become more skilled before taking full control of the vehicle. This will not only help ensure personal safety but also prevent harm to others on the road.

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