Brand new Ola S1 Air electric scooter breaks down after covering just 125 Kms: Upset owner posts video

Ola made owning an electric scooter more affordable with the launch of S1 Air earlier this year. The stripped-down version did manage to create a massive hype. While the new scooter offers a lesser number of features compared to the Ola S1 Pro, the new customers are not very with the reliability of the new model. Here are several occasions where the owners of Ola S1 Air have shown their disappointment.

The first incident is from Kerala where a disgruntled owner of the S1 Air is telling the tale of his unreliable scooter. He says that the scooter broke down only after 125 km. It happened after he stopped the scooter when he returned from a ride. The scooter just froze. After registering a complaint, Ola customer service took the scooter on 2nd October and it was fixed and returned to the owner after 12 days.

However, the problem remains the same. The scooter did not turn on after he received the scooter from the service centre and it is not even starting. The owner recorded the video right in front of the towing vehicle. The owner says that even other customers of the Ola S1 Air are not very happy with the product or the service.

Multiple issues

Here is another video that shows the problems of various Ola S1 Air owners. Here an owner of the Ola S1 Air received his scooter fixed by Ola after initial troubles. However, his scooter accelerated suddenly and caused a major accident. The owner says that he got saved because of the helmet. The scooter accelerated suddenly and uncontrollably to hit an electric pole. Several other owners of the S1 Air have voiced their concerns and problems. One of the owners says that the electric motor of his scooter had to be replaced only 10 days after the ownership. While we cannot verify these claims, there is a large number of such concerns and problems on social media platforms.

The video also talks about an almost new S1 Pro, which has done 400 km. The scooter did not start after a few weeks of ownership. The Ola service centre replaced the wire harness but it started throwing similar problems after a couple of days.

Another owner of the Ola S1 Air says that his scooter was returned to him in an extremely dirty and bad condition after 30 days in the service centre. His pictures show the bad state of the scooter and a layer of dirt on it as well.

One more customer says that it took only a day for his Ola S1 Air to shut down completely and reject charging. The owner got his scooter on the 30th of October morning and by the evening of the same day, the display stopped working. The next day, the scooter stopped charging completely.

Another owner says that his scooter stopped working for more than 15 days. The display shows an error claiming that the scooter needs to be restarted by the problem does not go away even after a restart.

An owner of Tirupattar says that his scooter stopped working completely only a day after buying it. The scooter did not start and the showroom from where he bought the scooter did not help him at all.

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