Bollywood actors & their vanity vans: Akshay Kumar to Alia Bhatt

Working in Bollywood is not just about fame and glamour; it also comes with hefty paychecks and certain expectations about maintaining a particular lifestyle. However, this lifestyle often comes at a significant cost. Additionally, the industry has a knack for hiding its flaws and emphasizing the glitz and glamour. One of the challenges faced by Bollywood actors is the nature of their work. They frequently have to shoot in various weather conditions, remote locations, and different parts of the country. This means they may not always have access to comfortable and relaxing accommodations during breaks between shoots. Despite the perception of a luxurious life, actors actually put in a lot of hard work to deliver what we see as mere entertainment on the screen. A life on the move call for comfort and convenience, and vanity vans are meant to do just that. Here is a full list of leading Bollywood actors and their vanity vans.

Shahrukh Khan

Your friendly neighborhood Delhi-born actor doesn’t mind living a lavish life and is fondly known as King Khan. Shahrukh Khan, deeply involved in the automobile industry, possesses top-tier cars, including the recently acquired Hyundai Creta. Adding to his luxury collection is his custom-designed Volvo B9R vanity van by DC Designs. This van boasts a small kitchen, ambient lighting throughout, and cutting-edge technology, including a 4K display with Apple TV.

Shahrukh Khan vanity van

Akshay Kumar

akshay kumar vanity van

Akshay, Bollywood’s successful commercial actor, known for his grounded nature, has opted for practical yet comfortable features in his vanity van. Equipped with a large electrically controlled recliner chair, a spacious bed, and a small makeup room, Akshay’s choices reflect both functionality and comfort.

akshay kumar vanity van

Alia Bhatt

alia Bhatt vanity van

Alia Bhatt, a name synonymous with fine acting in Bollywood, maintains modesty and groundedness in her public appearances. Her unique bohemian-style vanity van features a small bed complemented by graffiti on a virtual partition. The van includes a bathroom, a cozy bed, and a makeup room.

alia Bhatt vanity van

Salman Khan

salmaan khan vanity van

Salman Khan, almost an idol to his fans, boasts a show-stopping vanity van customized by DC Designs. With high-grade leather and wood vinyl interiors, the van features a large LED screen, electric recliners, a small bathroom, and, of course, plenty of Salman’s own posters.

salmaan khan vanity van

Ranbir Kapoor

salmaan khan vanity van

Ranbir, often referred to as the next-door chocolate boy, embodies simplicity and humility. His vanity is equipped with a small makeup room, a TV, quality speakers, a comfortable recliner chair, and Batman posters adorning the space.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik roshan vanity van

Hrithik Roshan, known for his high-end vehicle collection, owns a vanity van that matches his luxurious taste. Custom-made and stretching up to 12 meters, the van offers a lounge-like feel with four recliners, a huge TV screen, and even a Jacuzzi for that perfect touch of perfection.

Hrithik roshan vanity van

Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoor vanity van

Bollywood’s fashion icon has tastefully designed her vanity van to reflect her true personality. Featuring a modern aesthetic with a bedroom, a spacious seating area, a makeup room, and a small kitchen for fresh meals, the van combines modern LED lighting with ambient lighting for a perfect blend.

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan vanity van

Varun Dhawan’s completely customized vanity van resembles a smaller version of his home, alleviating any homesickness. It includes luxurious features such as an imported Jacuzzi, a small bed for breaks between shoots, and personalized touches to make it feel like home.

Sanjay Dutt

sanjay dutt vanity van

Sanjay Dutt’s vanity van exudes luxury, resembling the image of vans used by rockstars on road trips in the west. Customized by DC Designs, it features leather interiors, neon ambient lighting, a large TV screen, high-end music system, and a minibar, creating a lavish atmosphere.

Sanjay dutt vanity van

Ajay Devgn

ajay Devgn vanity van

Ajay Devgn, a prominent commercial action actor and producer, owns a vanity van with a unique and catchy design reminiscent of a vehicle from Star Trek or Star Wars. The interiors feature a large TV screen, comfortable seating, and virtual rooms created by partitions, including an office space, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Arjun Allu

Allu arjun vanity van

In Tollywood, Arjun Allu stands out with his personalized vanity van, costing over 7 crores and modified by Reddy Customs. The van, named Falcon, features double-A branding on a jet black exterior and bespoke lighting inside, along with amenities like a small toilet, electric recliner, and a TV.

Allu arjun vanity van

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa shetty vanity van

Shilpa Shetty’s vanity van, finished in black, stands out as a unique ride focusing on luxury and fitness. The exterior showcases a heavily restyled front profile with angular headlamps, quad-rounded halogen lights, and Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s initials embossed on the grille.

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