Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and Maharashtra ADGP hand out helmets to bikers not wearing helmets [Video]

India has the highest number of two-wheelers registered in the world, with Indonesia coming in at second place. However, despite having this many two-wheelers and riders, only 34% of them wear a helmet. This lack of safety measures causes 4 deaths every hour, which is extremely concerning. So, in an attempt to raise awareness among the youth of the country, the popular Bollywood star Sonu Sood recently participated in a very important campaign. This campaign was also attended by Maharashtra Additional Director General of Police (ADGP). A video of it has been shared online.

Sonu Sood and ADGP catch youngsters without a helmet

The video of the helmet awareness campaign was shared online by Cars For You on their YouTube channel. It starts with Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and Maharashtra ADGP of Traffic, Dr. Ravinder Singal, heading towards a signal where the campaign was to be held. Both of them were surrounded by paparazzi clicking pictures of them as they started the campaign. For this important initiative, they reached the signal and began catching young people who were riding their two-wheelers without a helmet.

In the video, the actor, along with the Maharashtra ADGP of Traffic, can be seen distributing helmets one by one. All of the young people who were caught riding without this essential safety gear were queued up, and each of them received helmets from Sonu Sood and Ravinder Singhal. During the helmet distribution, the actor was seen cheerfully encouraging the youngsters to properly wear helmets with their straps on. He could also be seen enjoying this awareness campaign.

Sonu Sood’s Take on Road Safety for Two-Wheelers

Following the helmet distribution, Sonu Sood and Ravinder Singhal both started answering some of the questions asked by the paparazzi. The first answer given by Sonu Sood was that not wearing helmets is one of the biggest problems in India. He added that he urges every youngster to wear one because there are people in their family waiting for them to reach home safely. He highlighted that he is honored to be able to raise this awareness with this important campaign.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and Maharashtra ADGP hand out helmets to bikers not wearing helmets [Video]

Next, Sonu Sood adds that it’s very easy for everyone to point out the mistakes of others; however, it is everyone’s own responsibility to be first responsible by themselves. He added that accidents can happen because of someone else’s fault; however, we have to first look at what we are doing from our side in terms of safety. This is because we can only control what we have in our hands and not what others do on the road.

Maharashtra ADGP Traffic Statement

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and Maharashtra ADGP hand out helmets to bikers not wearing helmets [Video]

Lastly, Maharashtra ADGP of Traffic, Ravinder Singhal, added to these statements. He stated that Maharashtra ranks 2nd or 3rd on the list of most accidents reported in India. He added that people should be more mindful about safety rules. Everyone should not only wear a helmet, but they should also strap the helmet properly. For car drivers and passengers, he mentioned that everyone should wear seatbelts as well. Doing all of these things ensures that safety precautions are being taken by citizens, and this will definitely reduce the number of accidents.

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