BMW 5-Series abandoned on footpath; owner tells cops “I have many cars!”

In the last decade, the popularity of luxury cars has gone up in India. Spotting a luxury car from brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Audi is no longer a significant rarity. Thanks to the 10-year rule for diesel cars in Delhi NCR and the depreciating nature of these luxury cars, they are available for sale in the used car market at very affordable prices. Here, we have an incident from Kozhikode in Kerala, where a BMW 5-Series owner abandoned the car on the footpath. When the shop owners complained about this, the owner told the cops that he has many cars.

The video has been uploaded by Mathrubhumi News on their YouTube channel. The incident took place in Kozhikode’s Kunnamangalam region near the National Highway. According to the report, the owner of this luxury sedan left the car on the roadside and has not returned even after 5 days. The car is parked on the roadside and is now blocking the way to a couple of shops in the region. The shop owners saw the driver parking the car in front of their shop but did not think of it as an unusual thing, as customers often do that.

However, in this case, the driver never returned, and the car was causing inconvenience to other road users and shop owners. The shop owners’ association complained about this to the police, and they even brought a recovery truck to tow the car away. However, for some reason, they could not do it. The exact details of this recovery are not available. The police then tried contacting the owner of the car and received a very surprising response from him. The owner of the car told the cops that he doesn’t care about this car as he has many more cars in his garage.

BMW abandoned on roadside

We can clearly see in the video that the car seen here is registered in Delhi. It looks like the owner got this used BMW 5-Series for a very cheap price. The report further mentions that the owner of this car did come back to the spot where he had parked the car. He even took out things early in the morning and left the car. He came to the spot before any of the shops in the region were open. This was done intentionally to avoid a confrontation with the shop owners in the region.

After this, the shop owners are actually curious to know about the belongings in the car. They are worried whether the car is being used by criminals to smuggle some items or not. The white color BMW 5-Series sedan now has banners against the owner on the front windshield. These were placed by the shop owners. The shop owners can be heard saying that the car is blocking the way for customers and affecting their business. Another interesting thing mentioned in the video is that the owner was irritated by the honking from other cars behind him, so he left the car on the roadside. The police are currently verifying this and looking into the mental health of the person.

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