Biker on Yamaha R15 breaks wing mirror of car and makes video

Road rage incidents are quite common these days. We have seen impatient riders and drivers becoming involved in fights and arguments over trivial matters on the road. With the increasing use of social media, people often record such instances and post them for publicity. Here, we have one such video where a Yamaha R15 rider follows a taxi that jumped a traffic signal and broke its outside rearview mirror (ORVM). He recorded the entire incident with his helmet camera, and the video went viral on the internet.

The video has been shared by vlogitnitish on his YouTube channel. The incident happened in Karnataka, and as seen in the video, the biker was waiting his turn at the traffic signal with others. As the signal turned green, all of them started moving forward. However, as the biker was about to cross, a Maruti Dzire taxi suddenly jumped the traffic signal and nearly missed the biker. The biker applied brakes and stopped in time, but the car driver continued driving without looking.

The biker was so furious that he decided to chase the car. He followed the car and rode next to it. He lifted his hand from the accelerator and hit the ORVM. The car’s ORVM broke, and the mirror flew away from the vehicle. The biker was satisfied with his action and decided to slow down. The cab driver also slowed down, probably planning to confront the biker. However, the biker turned the bike around and rode on the wrong side of the road. In fact, the biker broke more rules than the cab driver who jumped the traffic signal.

Biker breaking ORVM

The biker rode the bike recklessly, broke the ORVM of the car, and finally rode on the wrong side of the road to escape from the scene. The video went viral on the internet, and even the police came across it. Bengaluru police decided to trace the biker, and they were successful. The person riding the bike was actually a YouTuber, and the cops arrested him and seized the bike. Exact information regarding the charges against the rider is not known. This was a clear case of road rage, and both biker and the cab driver involved in this incident are to be blamed equally.

The cab driver should have been more careful and ideally slowed down after seeing the signal turn red. On the other hand, the biker should have been more patient. Instead of chasing the cab and breaking the mirror, he should have reported the incident to the police with the video evidence. No one has the right to take the law into their own hands, and that is what happened here. In cases of road rage incidents, ensure that you never engage with the opposite party, as small heated arguments often escalate into fights and physical assaults. Always try to remain calm and patient, and also call the police for help. Additionally, installing a dash camera is a good idea, as it can be used as evidence to prove your innocence.

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