Biker Kicks Scooter Rider, Loses Shoe! Bike Seized By RTO [Video]

Road rage incidents reported online have recently increased in India. People are posting videos of such incidents on social media platforms to prompt concerned authorities to take action. A video of one such incident from Kerala has been circulating online for the past couple of weeks. In this video, a biker is seen kicking a scooter rider while riding through a busy road. The video was shared on social media platforms, and now the bike has been seized.

The video was shared by Asianet News on their YouTube channel. The viral video was actually recorded on the dash camera installed on the rear windshield of a car. The incident occurred on February 19 this year somewhere in Kerala. It appears that the person driving the car witnessed the incident. They copied the footage from the dash camera and shared it with the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD).

In the video, we can see a bus right behind the car and an auto-rickshaw on the left-hand side of the road. Just behind the auto-rickshaw is a scooter rider. They are all moving forward slowly. We then see a Bajaj Pulsar NS200 rider with a pillion overtake the bus from the left side. The biker comes right next to the scooter rider and, without any hesitation, kicks the scooter rider. While doing this, the biker loses his shoe.

Biker kicks scooter driver

All this was happening while there was a bus behind them. The scooter rider lost balance and probably fell on the road. We currently have no information about the same. The video was shared with the Motor Vehicles Department, and using the video footage, they traced the vehicle and the person riding it. According to the report, the bike was ridden by Sreekanth, who is a resident of the Kadakkal region of the Kollam district. The bike is registered under the name of Sreekanth’s elder brother.

With the help of the local police, the Motor Vehicles Department seized the bike and asked Sreekanth to come to the RT office. Sreekanth told the officer that he was provoked by the scooter rider before and what the officers saw in the video was just a reaction. The officers have traced the details of the biker; however, they do not have any info related to the person who was kicked. The officers are currently looking to track him. As of now, no one has contacted any police stations with a complaint against the biker in this case. It appears that Sreekanth is a frequent offender as he already has four active cases against him in the Kadakkal police station.

Bike and license on man who kicked a scooter rider
Bike and license on man who kicked a scooter rider

The scooter rider might have provoked the biker before this; however, kicking him on a moving vehicle was not the right way to resolve this issue. Many things could have gone wrong. The person riding the scooter could have lost control and collided with another vehicle on the road. He could have sustained serious injuries. The biker should have noted the scooter’s number and reported it to the police instead of kicking him. As there is no complainant in this case, the MVD has approached the court asking for permission to file a case against the rider for reckless driving on a public road.

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