Bihar farmer uses BMW sedan to carry fodder for cattle: Video goes viral

When we hear the word “farmers,” we often associate it with people working in the fields and enduring extreme weather conditions to ensure their crops are fine. We don’t normally associate a luxury lifestyle with farmers. However, not all farmers are poor; there are a decent number of people in the country who manage to make a profit every year and lead a good life. Some of them can even afford a luxury lifestyle too. Here, we have a video that has been circulating on the internet lately. It’s about a farmer from Bihar who has been using a BMW luxury sedan to carry green fodder for his cattle.

The video has been shared by Today Bihar News on their YouTube channel and has been circulating on various social media platforms lately. The owner of this BMW, Anshu Kumar, is actually a farmer and also runs a tour and travel business. The video shows a BMW sedan passing through the streets of Bihar. On a busy road, the car is seen with green grass or fodder on the roof. The scene is from Samastipur district of Bihar. The car seen here in the video looks like a 5-series. The BMW seen here in the video does not have a proper registration plate, and the owner has been driving around in this car like this. We can see the luxury sedan passing through busy city roads as well as on empty village tracks around paddy fields.

It looks like Anshu has been doing this for a while now. While speaking to the media, he said, “Green fodder is unavailable in urban areas, so I went in my BMW car to bring green fodder to feed the cattle. Due to green fodders, cattle yield an extra quantity of milk. I had put the green fodders on the rooftop of my car and was returning home when someone shot the video and uploaded it on social media.” The owner of the BMW car also informed that he owns cars like Toyota Innova and Mahindra Scorpio as well. There were allegations that Anshu is using a stolen BMW, but nothing has been proven against him yet.

Fodder on BMW

The owner was definitely violating traffic rules by driving a car without a proper registration plate. This is a common sight in many rural areas. People replace the numbers with caste stickers and even pictures. This is not the first time we have seen an expensive car being used in this manner. It is not clear if the owner was actually trying to grab attention because if you notice, there was not much fodder on the roof of the car. It is also possible that the owner had filled the interior and the boot too.

In the Delhi NCR region, there are several used car sellers who are selling diesel luxury cars at a very cheap price. This is mainly because of the 10-year rule in this region. Many people buy cars and transfer them to another state. In the past, we have seen videos where farmers from Punjab and Haryana have used SUVs like Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, and even Audi Q7 to plow the fields.

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