Best Men's Linen Shirts 2023: 23 Polos, Button-Ups, and Tees That'll Unlock Ice-Cold Summer Style

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The Everyday Pick

Made from sustainably farmed French linen, washed with biodegradable softeners, and featuring naturally luxurious corozo nut buttons, the Alex Crane Playa shirt is great on paper. In real life, it’s even better thanks to the dialed-in straight-not-sloppy fit.

The Office-Ready Pick

Drake's Linen Spread Collar Summer Shirt

Drake’s linen spread collar summer shirt

Summer’s hot enough and if you’ve got a high-stakes situation like an important work presentation or meeting the in-laws, your shirt shouldn’t be the thing that’s causing you to break a sweat. This handcrafted button-up from the dapper folks at Drake’s is the perfect solution to keep you cool in stressful situations where you really need to impress.

The OOO-Ready Pick

Harago flower shirt

The mid-July heat generally means our outfits are stripped back, but who said your shirt has to be minimal? Harago highlights India’s deep history of textiles and craft through hand-blocked prints and painstaking embroidery. If you’re tired of the usual unadorned linen shirt, Harago’s garden of a shirt will make your summer style bloom.

The Budget Pick

uniqlo linen

Uniqlo premium linen long-sleeve shirt

Producing linen is a laborious and slow process, which makes it a premium product with the price tag to match. That said, there are options on the market that feel just as luxe without beating your bank account into oblivion. Uniqlo’s option is made from long fiber linen, and this wrinkle-resistant shirt has the faintest sheen to give you a little extra star power as you go about your day. And for just $40, it’ll leave your wallet full while you stay cool.

The Links Pick

Vilebrequin Pyramid Solid Linen Jersey Polo

Vilebrequin “Pyramid” Polo

Straight from the Jordan Belfort mood board, Vilebrequin’s polo will have you feeling like you just closed a multi-million dollar deal before your lunch break. It’s got a precisely tailored fit for ensuring your biceps really pop and looks just as great with a pair of billowy shorts and sandals as it does layered under a suit.

The SoHo Brunch Pick

everlane linen

Everlane linen standard fit shirt

The summer’s hottest shirt has got to be a vertical stripe button-up. Sure, the natural beauty of linen is on full display with a plain, solid shirt, unfettered by prints or flourishes of embroidery. But a classic-yet-trendy broad stripe like this one from Everlane is a great balance that gives linen its due diligence without forcing you into a pattern-less box.

The Weekend Upstate Pick

Frank Leder Cotton Linen Striped Shirt

Frank Leder Cotton Linen Striped Shirt

The great part about living in a big city is that you can leave it for more tranquil locales and always come back to its buzzy metropolitan pace of life. This cotton-linen blend shirt is kinda like that. It’s got linen’s ultra-cooling properties and textural intrigue as well as the airy softness of cotton. Add to that a warm rusty orange and a handsome tripe and you’ve got a shirt that fits right in with the cabin upstate and the clubs in SoHo.

The Boardwalk Pick

abercrombie button down

Abercrombie & Fitch linen button-up shirt

You’ve probably got a few beach trips queued up this summer, right? Stuffing your duffel with nothing but tees is a rookie mistake. You’ll need a breezy coverup like this one when taking a break from the waves—and to make sure you meet the dress code at the rooftop party at the end of the day. If you look closely enough you’ll see a stripe detailing on this A&F pick that adds some nice texture to an already solid button-up without being distracting.

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