Best Gifts For Everyone on Your List 2023, From Relatives to Friends

Let’s get real here: Shopping during the holiday season can be a royal pain. Zeroing on the best gifts for your endlessly-patient partner is tricky enough, but figuring out what to get the hard-to-please distant relative you see maybe twice a year? Nigh impossible. No longer!

See, at GQ Recommends it’s our business to stay ahead of the curve on the absolute best products on the market at any given moment—from grail-worthy menswear to next-generation grooming products, along with pretty much everything in between—and we take that mandate seriously. So when it comes to holiday shopping, we leverage every ounce of that far-reaching expertise to make sure our gifts remain the ones those closest to us are excited to unwrap, no matter how quirky their tastes may be. And now we’re filling you in on the .

Because not only did we hunt down all the best gifts worth buying right now, we also compiled ‘em in one convenient hub for your easy perusal. Better yet, we’ll keep updating the list below with fresh new picks and an ever expanding roster of ideas as we inch ever closer to unwrapping time, so be sure to check back here throughout the holiday season to stay in the know.

Holiday Gift Guides for Everyone on Your List, Curated by Us

Plus, a Short List of Some of Our Favorite Gift Ideas This Year

If you just want to peruse the highlights, below are some of our favorite gifts this year.

Best Gifts for Men


The latest percussive massage gun from Therabody does more than just pound your muscles into submission—it’s also about giving your mind a break thanks to a built-in heartrate sensor with breathwork coaching delivered via an accompanying Bluetooth app.


Every guy and gal’s favorite athleisure brand stocks a well-rounded selection of comfy pants, but the ABC (look up what that stands for—we dare you) might be its most popular silhouette for men. This pair features a stretchy waste and no buttons or zippers, but makes your favorite guy look put together even if he’s really not.


Alpaca-Blend Plaid Cardigan

It’s a hard world. Give the man a soft (so very soft) cardigan.


Rambler Stackable Lowball

Quietly nursing an adult beverage doesn’t have to come in flask or paperbag form. Instead, there’s a sleek stainless steel vessel that’ll help him avoid reaching for the giant iceball to cool down his cocktails.

Best Gifts for Moms


A richly textured blanket that won’t so much help her sleep as fully hibernate this winter.


A thoughtful gift that helps banish TMJ jaw pain, crow’s feet, and any unpredictable blemishes that pop up overnight.


Cotton Modern Trench Coat

The streamlined trenchcoat that’ll turn any half-baked outfit into a certifiable look.

Our Place

Just the right aesthetically-pleasing vessel for all the stews and freshly baked boules she’ll be putting on the table.

Best Gifts for Parents


Baies (Berries) Fragrance Car & Home Diffuser Refill Insert

The thing that’ll make even a Toyota Sienna minivan feel like a luxury vehicle.

Ferm Living

Because it’s a lot more fun when you can see exactly what you’re steeping.

Flamingo Estate

If your folks are the kind to get their interests piqued by the words “unfiltered honey,” this gift set willl truly be the chef’s kiss.


Logo Patch Linen Tablecloth

Even if you’re not going to physically help set the table like you did as a kid, you can at least help to provide some fancy materials for completing the job.

Best Gifts for Women


Modern Check Lambswool Throw Blanket

Plaid is just as quintessential for fall whether you’re layering it on your body or lying up under it.

Nashi Home

It steals a little bit of the shine from the desserts it’s displaying, but that’s okay—it’s still a thoughtful gift for your favorite foodie.


These stylish noise-cancelling buds will help her zone out with calming beats.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Keep her warm and cozy all season long.

Best Gifts for Boyfriends


A space-y vessel for freshening up his, we’ll say musty, room.


For your lucky charm.

Alex Mill

Whether he’s into fashion or not (i.e. any button down is “too formal”), he’ll still love the hell out of this shirt because it looks good and makes him feel even better.

Todd Snyder x D.S. & Durga

Young Dunes Eau De Parfum

All the young duuuuuuunes (hey, dunes!).

Best Gifts for Dads


Dryden ballistic nylon 14L briefcase

It’s a scientific fact (OK, just anecdotal evidence) that dads go nuts for Filson, and with this he’ll be the coolest guy on the morning commute. Our favorite briefcase is not only water-resistant against any errant coffee splashes but also has a large 15″ laptop compartment for that giant PC he’s still toting around.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch’s most popular shirts has been in its catalogs since the beginning, and it’s one worth gifting to dad, who hasn’t bought a new shirt in how long now?


Temperature Control Tumbler

The battery-operated, temperature-regulated travel tumbler he’ll be telling his Zojirushi thermos not to worry about.

So your vinyl enthusiast can spin those records like it’s an ’80s house party.

Best Tech Gifts


The newest instant camera from Polaroid is its best, and most advanced one, yet. Just don’t shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Ultimate Ears

C’mon, it has “Epic” in its name.


Help them hit their fitness goals with this sleek, discreet ring that stores sleep and workout insights right at their fingertips.


Quest 3 Breakthrough Mixed Reality

The new Meta Quest 3 is the ultimate trump card gift for any gamer on your list: the VR will be transportative in even the most familiar spaces, and its advanced comfort and passthrough features mean you can easily grab a quick bite without taking your headset.

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