Best Electric Shavers for Men 2023: 15 Top-Notch Grooming Tools

Pros: Provides close shaves; portable
Cons: Head doesn’t pivot; not good for longer facial hair

The Best Electric Razor for Beginners: Philips Norelco OneBlade


Norelco OneBlade Face And Body Shaver

This cartridge-esque electric shaver is a terrific entry point for hesitant or first time shavers. On top of that, it’s great for multitaskers: It is safe for both body and facial hair, plus works like a great T-blade for clean edges on your mustache, neckline, sideburns, etc. It has three guards for tiered trimming and detailing options, and comes with a 45-minute battery life. Don’t forget to buy additional “razor” heads, too, which will ensure that you practice good razor hygiene. Lastly, this one shaves wet or dry, so bring it in the shower if you fancy a quick multitasking once-over.

Pros: Provides close shaves; good for sensitive skin; good for all facial hair lengths
Cons: Replacing the cartridges often can be pricey over time

The Best Entry-Level Foil Shaver: Remington Foil Shaver

If this is your first go-around with a foil shaver (or your skills feel rusty after a long hiatus), it doesn’t hurt to kick things off with the training wheels attached. Remington’s sleek foil shaver might look unassuming, but it’s designed to make shaving as easy as possible thanks to a pivoting head that flexes to hug the contours of your face, and a pop-up detailing trimmer that ensures your lines are extra neat. (It helps that clean up is a cinch, too–just rinse the blades in your sink and you’re good to go.) Each charge yields an hour of runtime so you can take it slow, but if you’re the anxious/curious type, a handy LED display lets you know how much juice you’ve got left before you need to plug in again.

Pros: Affordable; offers a decently close shave; works well on the contours of the face; LED tells you how much battery is left
Cons: Not for wet shaving; doesn’t work well on longer facial hair

The Best Shaver for Precise Finishing: Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale


Professional 5 Star Series Finale Shaver

Generally speaking, if you want barbershop-level precision, it’s best to turn to the professionals—unless, that is, you’re short on time or your barber is booked out for the next week and you need a clean up ASAP. Wahl popularized the first electric hair clipper over a century ago, so if its 5 Star Finale shaver looks familiar, it’s likely because it’s your barber’s tool of choice, too. The gold foil trimmer leaves even the most sensitive skin smooth and free from razor burn, and even though it’s battery-operated, it comes with nifty wall plug in case you’d rather shave the old-fashioned way. A hundred bucks isn’t exactly cheap for a foil shaver, but you get what you pay for—in this case, lines so clean you might skip your next haircut entirely.

Pros: Long battery life; good for sensitive skin; gets close to the skin
Cons: Expensive; awkward design isn’t ergonomic

The Best Shaver for Your Junk: Meridian Below-the-Belt Trimmer


Electric Body Hair Trimmer

To keep things neat and tidy in your pants, Meridian makes an excellent electric shaver for your private parts. Its ceramic blades stay rust free, and it makes light work of even the coarsest, thickest hair. We found that it doesn’t catch onto hairs so there’s not painful pulling, and a variety of guard attachments mean you don’t need to go fully bare down there if you want to keep some length.

Pros: Includes multiple guards, waterproof, doesn’t get caught on hair
Cons: Plastic construction feels a little cheap, takes a few passes to get all the hair

The Best Shaver for Beards: Bevel Trimmer


Clippers And Hair Trimmer

This GQ Grooming Awards winner is an excellent pick for anyone with a nice, thick beard. While meant for use in professional barbershops, anyone can use this bad boy at home to tame their facial hair. The included guard heads can get you anything from a close shave to a professional line up. Sure, it’s a little pricey, but if it can keep you neat and tidy in between trips to the barber, then it basically pays for itself.

Pros: Super versatile; strong cutting power; excellent design; LED tells you how much battery is left
Cons: Changing the guard head is a little tricky; if you have thick hair, you’ll need to make a couple passes

The Best Shaver for Line Ups: Andis Slimline

Anyone with a sick fade, buzzcut, or well-shaped beard knows that the biggest pain point of maintaining that cut is ensuring the lines stay crisp. To give yourself proper cleanups in between haircut appointments, the Andis Slimline Pro keeps you neat and tidy. It’s a nifty little gadget you’ll appreciate once your sideburns start to look a little overgrown. The blade is really sharp, so it’s good at getting close shaves no matter how thick your hair is, and as so many reviewers note, it helps provide professional-like line ups all without having to get the barber cape on.

Pros: Easy to use; gets close to the skin; includes guards for various hair sizes
Cons: Not great on longer hair; expensive for its limited uses

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