Best Beard Oil 2023: 19 Top-Shelf Serums for Softer, Smoother Scruff

A great beard starts with patience and a sense of adventure. But a great beard stays great because you have the right products—like, say, the best beard oil for your particular scruff. We’d go so far as to slot beard oil second to only a beard trimmer in terms of necessity, and a close second at that. Because whether you keep your facial hair at a precise 24-hour stubble or you go full hermit-mode (or anywhere in between), you need a beard oil in your arsenal. The best beard oils deliver a big dose of hair softening, skin protecting ingredients (usually a combination of natural oils) in a way that your regular facial moisturizer probably can’t.

See, most men know that their hair benefits from being taken care of properly: the best shampoos, conditioners, and styling products make a big difference. And yet, too often, men with beards inconveniently forget that their facial hair deserves just as much TLC. A great beard oil keeps those facial hairs from getting brittle and wiry. It softens the hair so you’re not scratching your neck like Tyrone Biggums, and keeps flyaways from, well, flying away.

The Best Beard Oils, at a Glance

  • The Best Beard Oil Overall: Cremo beard oil, $13
  • The Best Multipurpose Beard Oil: Beardbrand utility oil, $36
  • The Best Beard Oil to Prevent Beard Dandruff: Stubble & ‘Stache beard oil, $26
  • The Best Beard Oil for Big Beards: SheaMoisture beard conditioning oil, $8
  • The Best Beard Oil According to Amazon: Honest Amish beard oil, $12
  • The Best Beard Serum: Scotch Porter beard serum, $18
  • The Best Beard and Face Oil: Blind Barber beard oil, $20
  • The Best Hot Beard Oil Treatment: Proraso hot oil beard treatment, $18
  • The Best Beard Oil + Pre-Shave Oil Combo: Davines pre-shave and beard oil, $28
  • The Best Smelling Beard Oil: STMNT beard oil, $22

The best beard oils also prevent dreaded beard dandruff, particularly in winter, as your facial skin dries out. Your regular old cream-based facial moisturizers won’t make it through any sort of thicket, but with a little rubbing, beard oil slips to the root of the follicle and the surface of your skin relatively easily. Next thing you know, you’re growing a beard better than ever before, with nothing to worry about (aside from how to style it).

Read on for a bigger spotlight on beard oil benefits, as well as our picks for 10 of the best beard oils we’ve tested—and some FAQs on how beard oil fits into your beard care.

Beard Oil FAQs

How do you apply beard oil?

Most beard oils come with quick instructions, and almost all are applied the same way. Put a few drops onto your fingertips, then massage it in, making sure you get up and under the follicles (and, of course, coating them as well). If your beard’s more than stubble-length, it’s a good idea to use a beard comb to pull the oil through the entire length of your beard—and to keep that beauty looking sharp. Use beard oil twice a day, after washing your face and beard, and after the beard finishes drying.

How do you prevent beard dandruff?

Preventing beard dandruff starts with changing your regimen—namely, introducing exfoliation products and moisturizing products that can get past a thick nest of facial hair. For exfoliation, look for physical scrubs (even a beard brush will work). For moisture, be sure to apply beard oil both morning and night. The beard oil will also soften and condition the facial hair to prevent itchiness. Oh, and a humidifier in your bedroom goes a long way in terms of preventing itchy, dry skin, especially in winter.

Does beard oil help grow a beard?

No, beard oil is not meant to help beard hair growth, whether that’s to make it thicker or faster. To be honest, we don’t know of much that can beyond, maybe, a beard transplant. Beard oil is here to make your existing beard hair softer and more cooperative, while also nourishing the skin beneath the beard—skin that’s often prone to dehydration and dandruff. It’s already doing a lot.

Is beard oil worth it?

Beard oil is absolutely worth it, especially considering that some of the best options are under $15. Some costs less than $10. Make sure to note the size of the bottle, too, since some beard oils provide one ounce while others might provide as much as four ounces. Whatever the amount, beard oil is well worth it.

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Beard Oil

1. Beard oil tames the wildest whiskers

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