Bengaluru Man Bites Cop After Being Stopped For Traffic Violation: Arrested [Video]

Bengaluru as a city never fails to surprise. The Silicon Valley of India makes it to the headlines for one reason or another. We have come across several road rage incidents in the past from Bengaluru. This time around, we have a video where a Suzuki Access rider from Bengaluru bites a cop after he was stopped by the cops for a traffic violation. After the incident, action was taken against the rider.

The video was shared by krjayathirtha on his X profile. The video was recorded by another road user. The video shows cops stopping a Suzuki Access scooter rider without a riding helmet. The rider can be seen arguing with the cops in the video. The rider is, in fact, refusing to get off the scooter and is not cooperating with the officers. One of the officers then forcefully pulls the rider off the scooter. Once the rider got off, the other police officer pushed the scooter away from the road.

The rider, in a bid to escape from the cops, starts biting the cop, and the officers can be seen scolding him for the behavior. The rider who was caught by the cops then notices the person recording the video and starts arguing with him. As per the post, “A rider who grabbed a photo of a helmetless driver and bit the policeman’s hand threatened to smash the phone if the photo was uploaded.”

The person did post the video, and it did go viral on the internet as well. Bengaluru Traffic Police, who are active on social media platforms, also came across the video and tweeted a reply under the video. They wrote, “This incident happened today at around 12 pm in Wilson Garden Traffic PS limits. A Contactless case for No Helmet violation was being booked using FTVR (mobile phone used by traffic constable). The violator snatched the mobile phone. When stopped, he assaulted and bit one of the traffic constables. A criminal case has been booked against the violator, and he has been arrested.”

We have seen several instances where cops are assaulted by the public. It should be noted that the officers seen here in the video were simply doing their job, and it was the rider who was actually creating an issue and restricting them from doing their duty. This is a serious offense, and that is probably the reason why they actually took action against him.

Scooter rider bites cop

The comment section under the post has several comments. One of them wrote, “Please make him do rigorous social work on the same road where he was caught.” while the other wrote, “Request forever he should be banned for driving. No driving license should be issued to him. He deserves a cycle. Please take care of the constable; hope he is not hurt much and doing fine.”

If you are ever stopped by a cop on the road, always cooperate with him, and if you have any complaint regarding the behavior of the officer, note down the name and his position and later on, complain to the higher authorities. In this case, the rider was clearly at fault here as he was not wearing a riding helmet. Riding a two-wheeler without a proper riding helmet is extremely dangerous and not recommended at all.

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