Beautiful Palace: Tour the World’s 15 Most Opulent Palaces

Nothing fits the term “dream house” quite like a beautiful palace. These spectacular residences, usually home to royalty, are more than places to live and reign; they’re also architectural showpieces that communicate wealth, power, and taste. A beautiful palace can often showcase the work of the finest architects, artisans, and landscape designers of their times, and many of them incorporated the latest technologies too. Though few of these palaces are still used as official residences, several—including all of the castles below—are now open to the public. Visitors can step back in time and take in the splendor once enjoyed by the occupants, including Renaissance masterpieces, priceless artifacts, and lush gardens. Read on to discover 15 of the world’s most sumptuous palaces and start planning a trip to these royal dream houses.

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