Bangladeshi blogger gets scammed by autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru: Police arrest driver after viral video

Tourists getting scammed by locals is quite common in many parts of the world, and India is no exception. Recently, a video recorded by a Bangladeshi blogger has gone viral after he caught an autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru scamming him. The video, recorded by the vlogger, clearly shows how the autorickshaw driver scammed him. A portion of the video has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a user.

The Bangladeshi blogger was visiting the country with his girlfriend when this happened. A YouTuber by the name Md. Fizz shared the video on his YouTube channel. A Twitter or X user named Mritunjay Sardar shared a section of this video on social media. Mr. Sardar, who shared the video, wrote, “Bangladeshi blogger and his girlfriend were traveling to ‘Bengaluru Palace.’ A local auto driver cheated them. Is this how we treat foreigners?”

The blogger and his friend actually took an autorickshaw to see Bengaluru Palace. The driver had agreed to go by the meter, and after reaching the destination, the meter showed Rs. 320 as fare. We can clearly see that the blogger handed the driver a Rs. 500 note. The driver distracted the blogger in conversation and managed to slip the Rs. 500 note into his shirt’s sleeve. He then pretended that the blogger had given him a Rs. 100 note. The blogger was probably confused and did not react at the moment. He then quickly handed over another Rs. 500 note to the driver, and the driver returned him the change.

The driver was quick enough to have acted in this manner, and he also acted in a way that made it appear as if he was telling the truth. This is something that not only happens to tourists but also to locals. After the video went viral, Bengaluru Police came across the video and took action in this matter. Using the video, the cops located the auto driver and arrested him. The Sadashivanagar traffic police station responded to the video post and wrote, “The auto driver has been handed over to Sadashivnagar law and order police station for further action.” The police even shared an image of the auto driver on X. Below the post where the cops have shared the image of the auto driver, many people from Bengaluru city have shared similar experiences.

One of them commented, “They not only scam or cheat outsiders but also scam and cheat Bengalurians by increasing their prices and not being interested in picking up passengers. The reason for the increase in vehicles in Bengaluru is these Autowalas and cab drivers.” Another user commented, “Police should suspend the license and impose a hefty fine. If he is doing this, what else might he be up to in order to cheat?” “It happened to my parents in Bangalore near Belandur a couple of months ago. It was a very unsafe feeling!” At the moment, there is no clarity on what action the police are going to take against the auto driver who scammed. These types of incidents actually leave a very bad image, especially in front of people, especially tourists.

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