Bangalore police officer’s Royal Enfield fined for modified silencer: Caught after social media video

Rules and regulations are the same for everyone in India. It does not matter if the person is a civilian or a police officer; if a rule has been violated, repercussions have to be paid. Recently, setting an example for this statement, a police officer from Bangalore was fined Rs. 500 for having a modified silencer on their Royal Enfield motorcycle. The interesting part was that the police officer was caught because of a video that was shared online.

Police Officer’s Violation Caught on Camera

The video of the Bangalore police officer and his Royal Enfield motorcycle with a modified silencer was shared on the popular social media platform X (formerly Twitter). It was shared by a page that goes by the name of ThirdEye. This page regularly shares videos of traffic rule violators and requests traffic police authorities to take action.

In this particular video, a Royal Enfield motorcycle ridden by a police officer with another police officer on the pillion seat was seen. The main infraction in the video, as mentioned by the X page, was that the bike they were riding had a “defective silencer,” and it added that it was making heavy noise. The post then requested Hebbal Traffic Police and Bangalore Traffic Police to book the rider and remove the defective silencer from the bike.

As per the post, the infraction done by this police officer was committed on September 30 at around 11 am. The post also mentioned that the place of spotting this incident was Palace Road near the CBI office in Bangalore. Additionally, it was stated in the post that it was taken by a pillion rider and was sent to the page admin by one of their active subscribers.

The Fine Imposed

Taking cognizance of the issue, the R T Nagar Traffic Department mentioned in the same original post that the vehicle had been traced, and the violation had been raised. The traffic police department also shared a picture of the fine raised by the department, which showed the bike number and the infraction of having a defective silencer. The fine was Rs. 500.

A number of netizens appreciated the quick and timely response from the traffic police department. Another one of the netizens also performed a background search on the same Royal Enfield motorcycle and found that previously, this bike had been fined for four traffic violations as well.

Defective Silencer

Bangalore police officer’s Royal Enfield fined for modified silencer: Caught after social media video

The X post and the fine both mention that the fine was for a “defective silencer.” However, it can be noted that the motorcycle was making noise not because it had a defective silencer. Rather, the silencer was modified. The bike was equipped with an aftermarket silencer, which increases the volume of the bike, and this is a common modification that Royal Enfield owners do. This modification, however, is currently illegal, and police authorities are very strict and can seize the vehicle if found with a modified silencer. After seizing the vehicles, mostly police authorities take the silencer out and confiscate it.

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