Bajaj Pulsar rider navigating through a huge river is nerve-racking [Video]

Two-wheeler riders constitute the majority in India, and most people rely on bikes for commuting. When compared to cars, bikes and scooters have an advantage as they can maneuver through tight spaces and escape long traffic jams by taking shortcuts. However, there have been cases where such shortcuts or alternate routes have placed these riders in difficult situations.

Here, we have a video where a Bajaj Pulsar rider is seen riding through a river after discovering that the bridge on which he was riding was under construction. The video has been shared on a Facebook page online. The exact location and details of where this incident occurred are not known. The Bajaj Pulsar rider appears to be a local who is familiar with this road.

We can see a bridge under construction over the river, with only the pillars visible in the water. It is evident from the video that there is no proper road to access the other side of the river. However, the Bajaj Pulsar rider was well-prepared. He removed his shoes, rolled up his trousers, and bravely rode the bike straight into the river, even though it was quite wide and had water in it.

There is no discernible track or road leading to the other side, but the rider seemed confident. He carefully navigated through the water, indicating that there may be a path commonly used by construction vehicles at the site. The rider cautiously rode the bike to the left, and watching him do so was a nerve-wracking experience, as there was uncertainty about whether he would safely reach the other side.

Biker rides in river

After riding for some distance towards the left side of the screen, he made a right turn and headed towards the ramp on the opposite side. He displayed extreme caution, recognizing the inherent danger of the situation. Eventually, he successfully reached the ramp on the other side. The rider’s ability to do this was likely due to his local knowledge or involvement in the construction work on the site.

If someone from outside the area attempts the same stunt, the likelihood of falling into the river is quite high. The river’s actual depth is unknown, and attempting such a feat without familiarity with the area is extremely risky. While the biker in this case managed to navigate safely, we strongly discourage anyone from attempting a similar feat. If there is an alternative route available in this area to avoid riding through the river, we recommend that people take that option rather than risking their lives. It is not just risky for the person riding the bike but also for the bike itself. If water gets into the engine, the biker would be stranded in the middle of the river and would have to either leave the bike there or push it back to the shore. In the past we have come across several incidents where people trying to cross a river and stream during rainy season have got themselves in trouble. In some cases the cars have drowned in the river.

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