Bajaj Pulsar NS200 rider tries to show off in front of Kawasaki Ninja superbike rider: Crashes [Video]

People pulling off stunts on public roads have become quite common in many cities. We have seen bikers riding recklessly and squeezing the bike through small gaps between cars. They often perform such stunts to create videos for social media. We have come across several videos where people have narrowly escaped major accidents due to these stunts. In most cases, the bikers ride in a carefree manner, resulting in accidents. These stunts also create inconvenience for other road users. Here, we have a video where a Bajaj NS200 rider, attempting to show off and race with a superbike, ends up in a crash.

The video has been shared by a Z900 rider on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger was recording his ride on an action camera mounted to his helmet. The vlogger is riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R, and after completing some work on his bike, he takes it for a short ride in the city. As the biker rides, a Bajaj Pulsar NS200 rider starts following him, constantly maneuvering around the superbike in an attempt to grab the rider’s attention.

The superbike was staying within the speed limit, but due to the aftermarket exhaust, it appeared as though the bike was being ridden at high speeds. The exhaust was extremely loud, attracting as well as distracting many people on the road. Suddenly, the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 rider starts racing against the superbike rider. There were two people on the bike, and neither of them were wearing helmets. They began showing off their so-called skills in front of the superbike rider and invited him to race.

NS200 rider crashing on road

The Ninja rider was actually on the same route as the NS riders, and they even raced against each other. The NS200 rider was riding recklessly, making dangerous overtakes through the left side and small gaps between cars and buses. He narrowly avoided crashing into autorickshaws several times. All of this was being recorded by the action camera of the rider. The NS200 rider even asked the superbike rider if they could take the bike for a spin. The superbike rider declined the request, considering the expensive and powerful nature of the motorcycle, and the fact that trust should not be placed in just anyone with such machinery.

On a relatively empty stretch, the NS200 rider started riding the bike in a zigzag manner to prevent the superbike from overtaking. The vlogger was right behind them, and while attempting one such maneuver, the riders lost control and the bike fell onto the road. Both of them fell as well, and the superbike rider gradually stopped the bike at the side of the road to assist them. Fortunately, neither of them sustained any major injuries. The crash guard on the bike also prevented substantial damage. After retrieving the bike and checking for injuries, and finding both the bike and the riders to be unharmed, they proceeded to ride the bike again. They were certainly embarrassed as there were people around them. However, they narrowly escaped a serious accident, as they could have easily been struck by a vehicle from behind or hit their heads on the divider or road. The superbike rider should not have encouraged this behavior and should have actually disengaged from the situation.

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