Austin Butler’s Perfect Leather Jacket Will Make You Want a Perfect Leather Jacket

Now that he’s back to post-Elvis civilian life, Austin Butler’s got his famous-LA-dude uniform down: Adidas track pants and incognito hats, svelte Saint Laurent suits and polished-Americana workwear. But as we’ve gleaned, it’s hard to shake off the King entirely. Even when he’s simply wearing a classic motorcycle jacket, it’s tough not to imagine that the actor’s just a matching pair of black lambskin pants and two mutton chops away from breaking out into a recreation of the 1968 Comeback Special.

This week, Austin and his girlfriend Kaia Gerber grabbed dinner in Los Angeles at upscale Italian spot Funke. He took his favorite roughed-up black moto jacket out for a spin layering it over a ratty tee (repping the Long Beach hardcore band Das Klown, no less), black trousers, and black lace-up boots. And fortunately, he’s still leaving his hair a little messy.

Given his next project, Butler’s leathery ensemble feels opportunely timed. On Monday, 20th Century Studios released a first-look image from the upcoming Jeff Nichols movie The Bikeriders, in which a leather-jacket-clad Butler stars as a member of a 1960s Midwestern biker club. The film, as it turns out, could very well have been the impetus behind this particular jacket: “I just did this motorcycle film called The Bikeriders, and so I went out and found these great vintage motorcycle jackets,” Butler told GQ earlier this year. “I have this one Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket that I’ve been obsessed with.” A good second-hand leather jacket is hard to come by, and thank goodness our guy’s found one that works for him.


Waxy Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Our Legacy

Black Hellraiser Leather Jacket

Banana Republic


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