Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan Pit the New Elegance Against Wild Style

Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan are both in their early 30s. They’re two of the most promising actors working today. And they’re among the best-dressed dudes hitting red carpets. But when the Masters of the Air co-stars rocked up to the UK premiere last night, it became clearer than ever that they’re on completely opposite sides of the menswear spectrum.

Last night, Butler elected for another one of his classically tailored fits: a dark brown double-breasted suit in wool, a white dress shirt and some very sensible, very classic leather shoes. A classic Old Hollywood combo. We’ve seen a look like this time and again, because it works. And Butler’s works even better thanks to the small details: fanged out lapels, perfectly-knotted tie, the low energy, high yield scruffy hair and stubble.

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Keoghan, on the other hand, officially out Keoghan’d himself on the red carpet. The Saltburn star has always embraced the weirder side of menswear, and we mean that in the best possible way. Like the big fit he wore to the Los Angeles premiere two weeks ago, his turquoise mohair sweater vest was cut just short enough so that he could flex his massive arms (squeezing on his blingy watch was probably no mean feat). He also rocked some neatly-creased black trousers.

These fits couldn’t look more different, but they’re both emblematic of modern day Burberry under creative director Daniel Lee. Just like he did during his time at Bottega Veneta, the designer has repositioned Britain’s biggest luxury house to suit all kinds of demographics. The brand is still a big on tailoring. But pieces like Keoghan’s kingfisher vest are very fresh and very new. “We can have elevated luxury and build quality in accessories,” Lee said in a 2023 interview with The Financial Times. “But at the same time I don’t want to alienate the football fans, the younger generation—I want to celebrate that part of Burberry too. And I think that’s what’s very unique about the mission here.”

Burberry’s on a win, and Keoghan and Butler are sharing the prize.

This story originally appeared on GQ UK with the title “Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan, polar style opposites, are having another fit off.”

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