Ather co-founder Tarun Mehta shares funny scooter accident video; says Ather already prevents this

Social media is now a significant part of our lives. While scrolling through our phones, we often come across videos that we find entertaining or funny. One such video that has been circulating lately shows two girls on a scooter who fall down. This is actually a funny video because the person who comes to help them actually makes things worse for them. Ather electric scooter’s co-founder Tarun Mehta also came across the funny video and shared it on social media. He also mentioned that Ather scooters already prevent such accidents.

The video has been shared by Tarun Mehta on X (formerly Twitter). The accident happened somewhere outside India. In this video, we can see two girls riding a scooter stopping abruptly. The girl could not balance the scooter after she stopped it. They tried to get down, but it was too late by then. Both the rider and pillion fell on the road. It is not clear why the girl stopped the scooter. It is quite possible that the rider was trying to avoid a crash with the car that was parked on the roadside.

The road runs parallel to a water body, as seen in the video. As soon as the girls fell, a person came running to help them. He checked them and picked up the scooter. Sadly, he forgot to turn the scooter’s ignition off. While picking it up, he twisted the accelerator, and the scooter started moving forward. Before the guy could do anything, the scooter was already dragging him with it. The scooter and the person both plummeted into the water body. We can hear people screaming in the video. It’s actually a funny video showing how a person who came to help someone became the victim in the accident. This is how even a small mistake can lead to accidents on the road.

funny scooter accident

Tarun Mehta shared this video and mentioned that Ather electric scooters already have a feature that prevents this from happening. It’s called Fall Safe. This feature automatically turns off the electric motor in the scooter when it detects a fall. He also writes that electric vehicle manufacturers should push safety features a bit faster and mentions that it is very easy to integrate such features into an EV when compared to an ICE vehicle. As for the person in this video, we really feel sorry for him, and he should have been a bit more careful too.

The person who rushed to help the girls should have ensured that the ignition on the scooter was turned off. This is a common mistake that many people make when picking up two-wheelers, especially with automatic scooters. They do not have a clutch or gear, so most of them start moving the moment you accelerate. While picking the scooter up, most of them unintentionally turn the accelerator, leading to accidents. One should turn the ignition off or kill the power from the engine completely. Once he or she has done that, they can proceed and pick up the two-wheeler.

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