Ashlynn Park's Attention to Detail is Radically Timeless

Luxury isn’t defined by a price tag, a logo, or an aesthetic. It isn’t about excess and exuberance, or lack thereof. Luxury is in the details. For Ashlynn Park, a seasoned creative director and the founder of her womenswear brand, ASHLYN, what sets the everyday apart from the extraordinary is the harmonious interplay of less and more: the ease of drape against structured volume, silhouettes that simultaneously complement and augment the body, and minimalism as a means to inspire confidence. It’s the way a fabric feels against bare skin, and it’s in every single stitch.

Together with Genesis, Park shows us that with great design, there’s nothing to hide. Every detail — whether it’s the Electrified GV70’s quilted leather seats or the deep ribbing of a charcoal cashmere sweater — has been carefully considered. Every detail is made to be seen. It’s a new approach to luxury, and one that will never go out of style.

Describe your design ethos. How does it convey your unique point of view within the fashion industry?

I mix tailoring, volume, and draping because these are the specific areas of design that I am most interested in and love to explore. But finding the right balance is something that is intuitive to me. It allows me to create something original.

What does it mean to be an original?

Originality often arises from embracing new challenges. From Seoul to Tokyo, and then from Tokyo to New York, I’ve ventured down less-traveled paths to reach this point. Undoubtedly, it’s been a challenging journey, akin to flipping a coin without knowing whether it will land heads or tails. Through it all, I’ve maintained faith in myself, feeling as though I’ve been in a constant battle alongside myself, to reach this milestone.

What does luxury mean to you, and how does it take shape within your designs?

I view luxury as a personal sense of comfort and confidence not dependent on external recognition. To me, authentic luxury lies in expressing one’s preferences and vision through choices that are genuinely one’s own, free from external influences. That’s why I emphasize minimalist designs, meticulously attending to clothing structure and interior details rather than overloading with excess.

Your work is distinct, with silhouettes that simultaneously play up and reinterpret a feminine form. What role does simplicity play within your designs?

Design involves a process of subtraction and balance rather than constant addition. I believe the act of moderation reflects my consideration for the audience who engages with my work. The skillful removal of elements is what truly transforms a design into a work of art.

Genesis aims to elevate the way we live, play, and drive by tuning into the details. How does your work parallel this approach?

Attention to detail is paramount in my role as a designer, because it’s the finer points that elevate a creation from ordinary to extraordinary. Every meticulous stitch, carefully chosen fabric, and thoughtfully considered element contributes to the overall quality and impact of the design. These details not only showcase craftsmanship but also enhance the wearer’s experience, showcasing the dedication and passion invested in every piece.

Clothing and automobiles are the predominant design elements in my daily life. For me, true elegance doesn’t stem from brand prestige but rather from understated lines and thoughtfully expressed identity. I see a harmony between the comfort and warmth of Genesis’ interior design and my own design philosophy.

Who is the ASHLYN woman?

She isn’t influenced solely by the brand’s identity; instead, she adheres to her own high standards and chooses designs that align with her personal values and desires. She’s a woman who understands the attire that empowers her radiance. I aspire for my clothing to empower her pursuits and be a formidable asset in her endeavors.

My garments are carefully crafted to inspire confidence — with thoughtfully chosen designs, comfortable fabrics, and attention to every detail. They are created to enhance your self-assurance. Wearing them, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment that naturally radiates confidence in your demeanor.

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