Arhaus Beale Five-Piece Sectional

I have a smaller house, about 1,400 square feet, and it fits perfectly in my living room. It’s definitely a larger sectional, coming in at 129″ width x 129″ depth x 35″ height, so a larger living room is ideal to have a not-too-snug fit. Even though my house isn’t super spacious, it still fits the living room perfectly, and was just the addition I needed to really complete the space and make it feel cozy again.

Sit Test: Is it comfortable? Does it feel well made? Does the couch have a tendency to sag?

You can tell this sofa is incredibly well made, not only just by looking at it, but by taking a seat and putting your feet up. The fabric—which is durable yet soft to the touch—can be cleaned super easily and is made from recycled materials. I really appreciated the fact that there are zippers on every cushion, allowing for the cover to easily come on and off and be washed when needed.

Is the sectional suitable for particular decor styles, and if so, which?

Aesthetically, this sectional is really versatile. Rustic, midcentury, traditional styles are the most accommodating, but don’t be afraid if your space is out of those bounds. My home is smaller and more traditional, and this sectional fits so beautifully within the space itself and with the addition of throw blankets and pillows.

Is it durable/practical in a modern home?

It’s definitely a practical sectional for modern life. No sharp angles or edges, with every inch covered in a durable, soft fabric keeping it very kid/dog friendly—I have a 30-pound pup, and he’s claimed this sectional as his own, as have my family and friends who come over often for movie nights and dinners. Five people can gather on this sofa comfortably, squeezing in a sixth if needed. The removable cushion covers are also perfect for family life, allowing them to be cleaned easily.

What are the care and cleaning instructions? Do you think stains could be easily removed?

The brand says to rub out tough stains with a soft brush and blot with a clean towel, while resorting to air-drying rather than a machine. To prevent wear and tear over time, it’s recommended to avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight or near heat/moisture, as well as rotating the cushions periodically to evenly distribute use. Occasional vacuuming is also recommended, to clean up loose particles/debris that accumulates in crevices.

Do the photos do this product justice? Was there anything you were surprised to see IRL?

What I ordered was indeed what arrived. I was even more enamored with it in person, as the size was much bigger and the softness of the fabric to the touch was more pleasing than I could’ve imagined just by looking at photos. The scale of it was bigger than I thought as well, which proved to be a plus, as I was looking for something to accommodate bigger gatherings at my house. For a really durable, high-quality, large sectional at the higher price point of $10k, I find this piece, as a whole, worth it in terms of spending. It’s hard to find something like it on the market that has the quality to match, let alone seamless delivery experience.

Sectional grades

Comfort: A
Value: A
Delivery and assembly: A
Style: A
Overall couch rating: A

Beale Five Piece Sectional with Ottoman

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