Apple AirTag Sale 2023: Score Our Favorite Luggage Tracker for Just $25

If you haven’t ordered a luggage tracker yet, and haven’t suffered any losses already, your procrastination may have actually paid off. There’s an Apple AirTag sale going on over at the ‘Zon that’ll relieve your usual travel-induced anxiety and help you keep a few extra dollars (or euros, yen, pesos, etc.) in your wallet for your taxi. You can cop a single AirTag for just $25, 14% off the usual price tag. That’s $25—approximately the cost of a good meal and a drink in this economy—to ensure you know where your bag is at all times, regardless of some TSA agent who thinks they’re a javelin thrower with your suitcase.

apple four pack

Apple’s AirTag is wildly easy to use: Toss it in your suitcase, go about your travel plans, and—god forbid it somehow goes missing—you can check up on it like a doting parent. The AirTag will use Bluetooth to ping off other people’s Apple tech to give you a fairly accurate estimate of where it, and your bag, have landed. Plus, the AirTag is more than just a great way to keep track of your suitcase. Attach it to basically anything you might lose—your keychain, your wallet, laptop bag, the list goes on—and have Apple keep its watchful eye on your things at all times (in the least creepy way possible!). If your AirTag is within 800 feet of you, you can hop onto your phone to trigger it to make a sound so you can play a game of hot and cold with your MIA items.

For those looking to stock up, this Apple AirTag sale also includes a four-pack of the helpful little trackers, which is 10% off and brings the price of each AirTag to $22. And if you’re already loaded with AirTags (good on you), we have seven more great gear deals to shop right now.

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