Apple AirPods Sale 2023: 8 Epic Deals to Shop Right Now

We’re in the awkward period between the last Prime Day and Black Friday, so we did not expect this epic AirPods sale going on right now at Amazon. The entire family of Apple’s AirPods—from the Pros to the Maxes—are on sale, and surprisingly, they’re at record-level, rock-bottom prices. No, seriously: The AirPods Pros are cheaper than ever before, clocking in at $174, which is even more affordable than they were during Prime Day (ahem Prime Big Deals Day).

When Apple announced the release of the new iPhone 15 range, the brand also subtly dropped a new edition of the AirPods Pros by swapping out the Lightning port for the more universally beloved USB-C port. Both of the Pros are on sale, but the ones with the Lightning port are the only ones seeing the steepest discount. (The ones with the USB-C port are also on sale, down to $189, which is the same price they were during Prime Big Deals Day.)

You can also score the regular AirPods, i.e. the ones with noise cancellation, and the bougie AirPods Maxes for a steep discount, too. We laid out some of the best deals here, as well as some AirPod accoutrements you might want to scoop up for a steal.


AirPods Pro with Lightning Case (2nd Generation)


AirPods Pro with USB-C Case (2nd Generation)

Apple AirPods Max Sale

The Apple AirPods Max are the most advanced headphones the Cupertino giants have ever released. Like the original AirPods and their extended cousins in the Beats family, the AirPods Max are stunningly easy to pair, charge, and use (with Apple devices, of course). Even at full price, the AirPods Max offer an impressively immersive sonic experience. The active noise cancelling works like a charm for drowning out loud noises, and the sound is rich and well-balanced. They aren’t fully waterproof or sweat-proof like some of our favorite workout headphones, but they’re sealed enough to handle a workout—or a quick duck into the rain.

If you’re an Apple user toying with the idea of getting a pair, this Apple AirPods Pro sale is your best chance to score them at a discount in the immediate future.

Apple AirPods Sale

Already own a pair of the AirPods Pros? Amazon is marking down a whole mess of AirPods from the OGs to the latest generation updates.

Apple Airpod Accessories Sale

Is there a worse feeling than pulling out your AirPods on a commute only to find that the battery’s at zero? We’ll wait. Luckily, Apple provides plenty of options to keep your earbuds fully topped-up at home and on the go. If you’ve misplaced the charging case that comes with Airpods, this sale is the perfect time to grab a replacement for 20% off.

Now, you may be asking, “How do I charge the charging case itself?” You can use any old Apple lightning cable you have stashed in a drawer somewhere, or you can upgrade to the brand’s latest MagSafe and MagSafe duo wireless chargers. Place your AirProds case on top of the circular charging pad to watch your battery go from 0 to 100 in no time. Or, invest in a Duo charger that will simultaneously juice up your iPhone, as well.


Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

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