Angelina Jolie Goes Back To Blonde (But Her Bag Has a Hidden Message)

An Angelina Jolie sighting can be a rare thing. So, when the actress changes something—even the slightest, smallest thing—within her refined personal style, we can’t help but pay attention. Well, yesterday, Jolie was spotted at her Atelier Jolie flagship store in New York City showing off a new caramel blonde ‘do and a message-packed accessory to match.

Jolie has been soft launching her light locks since as early as the summer months but this ashy blonde shade is a stark departure from her signature, dark brunette hair. The actress appears to have added lots of layers to her hair style, in addition to a short chop and plenty of blonde highlights, as she was seen in the Big Apple on Wednesday. Switching up your hairstyle is always bound to send a message to the masses—but, it looks as though Jolie had one more statement in store with her accessory choices.

The actress trotted out a “Mail Courier Bag” from designer Giancarlo Cipri (AKA “Gee”) complete with a quote from one of her most famous projects, the 1999 film Girl, Interrupted for which she snagged an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category. The tote, launching this week, is designed to resemble a rather utilitarian USPS tray, the actual side strap is emblazoned with a quote from Winona Ryder’s character Susanna. “Some I’ve seen, some never again, but there isn’t a day my heart doesn’t find them,” it read.

Courtesy of Giancarlo Cipri

Jolie topped off her look with a double-breasted blazer, white t-shirt, and statement sunglasses. Recently, Jolie has been open about her hesitancy in returning to acting (and, really, her desire to leave Hollywood once and for all) so, it’s quite noteworthy that she’s even referencing this period of her career to begin with.

Now, what she’s trying to tell us is an entirely different matter. Susanna recites this line at the very end of the cult-classic film in reference to her time at a psychiatric hospital and those she met along the way. “Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you, or me, amplified. If you ever told a lie, and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child, forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends. And by the 70s, most of them were out, living lives,” Ryder’s character adds.

Even if this unexpected Girl, Interrupted nod was merely just that, a nod, Jolie certainly managed to make a statement in the meantime with her new dye job.

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