Anand Mahindra Praises ‘Futuristic’ Bujji Car: Actor Naga Chaitanya Takes It for A Spin [Video]

Over the years, we have seen numerous cars become an icon after being featured in a superhit movie. However, most likely there are only a handful of cars on this planet that look like the “Bujji.” This particular vehicle has been designed by the crew of the upcoming movie Kalki 2898 AD starring Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and others. Recently, the same car that has been used in the movie was also driven by South Indian actor Naga Chaitanya. Along with it, Anand Mahindra has also reacted to this unique car.

Anand Mahindra reacts to Bujji car

Sharing his experience with the “Bujji” futuristic car, Anand Mahindra has shared a tweet on this car. In his most recent post, he stated, “Fun stuff does, indeed, happen on X. We’re so proud of @nagashwin7 and his tribe of filmmakers who aren’t afraid to think big…and I mean REALLY big.” Following this, he explained how this car came to reality and how Mahindra Automotive was involved with the development of this car.

Anand Mahindra, via his post, mentioned that the team at Mahindra Research Valley in Chennai helped the Kalki team in creating Bujji. He stated that the vision for this futuristic vehicle was brought to reality by Kalki 2898 AD’s and Mahindra’s team.

The company helped the Kalki team with the powertrain configuration, architecture, and performance. Anand Mahindra also highlighted that the vehicle runs on two Mahindra e-motors powering the rear spherical wheel! This particular car has been put together by Jayem Automotives.

Naga Chaitanya drove this car on track

Recently, this extremely unique and futuristic car designed and created specially for the movie was taken out on a track. This car was driven by a few celebrities, and one of them was the popular Telugu movie star Akkineni Naga Chaitanya, more popularly known as Naga Chaitanya.

The post was reshared on X by Naga Chaitanya. In the video, the actor was seen admiring this extremely unique creation done by the team of Kalki 2898 AD.

He states that he is in shock after seeing this vehicle. After this, he is seen driving this vehicle around the track. He concluded by saying that they have broken all the engineering rules by creating this.

Kalki 2898 AD Bujji Car: Details

The Bujji car seen in the videos above is a real-life AI car designed for Nag Ashwin’s upcoming sci-fi thriller movie Kalki 2898 AD. This astonishing vehicle has been developed specifically for the film. It may look like a CGI creation in pictures and videos. However, Bujji has been built in reality.

It has been created with the expertise of SUV manufacturing giant Mahindra and Jayem Automotive. This unique-looking car weighs in at 6 tonnes, and it features custom-built 34.4-inch hubless rims at the front.

Additionally, there is a single wheel at the rear. This allows it to move freely in any direction. Dimensionally, the Bujji car measures 6075 mm in length, 2186 mm in height, and 3380 mm in width. As for the powertrain, Bujji has been given a 47kW battery setup.

There are two Mahindra electric motors that generate a maximum power output of 126 bhp and an astonishing 9800 Nm of peak torque. The car also features a special canopy design on the driver’s side that adds to its sci-fi aesthetic.

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