All the Times Kylie Jenner & Rosalía Sat Together During Fashion Week

While the gossip pages are abuzz over Kylie Jenner’s rumored relationship with Timothée Chalamet, at fashion week she’s put her surprising friendship with Rosalía on full display. This season, the influencer and singer have been conveniently seated right next to each other on some of fashion’s buzziest front rows. But unlike most attendees, they’ve snapped selfies, shared laughs, and even, re-created their viral TikTok (a mashup of them screaming at Stormi’s birthday mixed with Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”).

The friends jumpstarted their respective fashion weeks with an appearance at the Prada runway show in Milan—Rosalía shared a snap of the duo just as the show began on Instagram with the caption, “Prada o nadaaaaaaa.”

A few days later over in Paris, they even shared some time together out of the hustle and bustle of the fashion world for the Spanish singer’s 31st birthday. While the specifics of the celebration were kept hush hush, Page Six did report that Jenner held onto the finger of Chalamet which, these days, is news in and of itself. Interestingly, at Prada, Jenner soft-launched Chalamet when she “accidentally” flashed her phone screen to the press.

Jenner and Rosalía’s Parisian link up didn’t end there—two days later, they made their way to the Acne Studios front row where they filmed that TikTok (which, currently, has over nine million likes).

Commenters quickly flocked to the comments with statements like “Why did I think Kylie was Rosalía at first, omg twins” and “I was today years old when I learned this was Kylie and Rosalía!” While the pair did look similar—especially with their deep, black hair and neutral lips—Jenner was rather hard to miss in a tentacle-like gown.

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The besties rounded out their fashion week escapades with a bang for the theatrical Schiaparelli show—Jenner wowed in a Marilyn Monroe-esque gown while Rosalía turned up in one of the house’s signature baroque pieces. Again side by side, they kept a watchful eye on proceedings and applauded as Kendall Jenner closed the show.

Though we would love to be privy to what the pair discuss (“something, something, Motomami?”), in the fashion world of fast-moving small talk, their relationship seems to be entirely constant. And even as this season’s hectic show schedule comes to a close, Jenner and Rosalía, who first met in 2019, are taking their friendship well beyond the front rows. “She’s a very good friend of mine,” Rosalía told Entertainment Tonight in 2020. “I love her a lot, she knows it.”

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