Alert Haryana Transport Bus Driver Deliberately Crashes Into Chain Snatchers On Motorcycle: Video Goes Viral

Chain snatching is one of the biggest problems that is prevalent in India. These robbers generally come prepared with an escape plan after they execute a robbery on a public road or place. However, sometimes their plans do not work and they get caught. Recently, a video was shared online in which two such robbers were stopped by a bus while they were trying to escape from a chain snatching robbery. This video has quickly become viral on the internet thanks to the quick thinking of the bus driver.

Chain Snatchers stopped by Haryana Roadways Bus
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This video of a bus driver attempting to stop two chain snatchers has been shared on Reddit. It starts with a man snatching a chain from a woman who was with her husband and her son on the road. After this, we can note that the man who snatched the chain was running towards a Hero CD-Deluxe motorcycle on the road.

On this bike, his partner in crime was ready with the bike turned on. Soon after the first chain snatcher sat on the bike, his partner started riding the bike to make their daring escape. However, little did they know that they were being noticed by a Haryana transport bus driver.

Bus driver attempts to stop the chain snatchers

As stated, just when the snatchers were about to get away with the robbery, a Haryana transport bus driver came in front of them. The bus driver, who already noted what happened, rammed the bus into the bike of the chain snatchers. He did not slow down to block them; rather, he made sure that they fell.

What happened next?

Soon after the bus driver hit them, both of these chain snatchers fell on the road. However, despite getting hit, the rider riding the bike immediately got up and started running away. It can also be noted that while running away, even his footwear came off, but he continued to run away.

chain snatchers stopped by bus from getting away

Next up, we can note that the person who actually snatched the chain fell a little behind. This happened because he was hit directly by the bus. However, despite this, he managed to get up and run. We can note that the woman, her husband, and her son all ran towards the thieves to catch them. But they could not keep up with their pace.

Chain and phone snatching incidents are on the rise

As mentioned above, the problem of chain and phone snatching is increasing at a very rapid pace in the country. A few months ago, a similar video of a group of three men on a TVS Apache snatching a mobile phone on a highway was shared online. The entire incident was captured by a dashcam that was installed in a Tata Harrier.

What happened was a man was riding his scooter with one hand on the busy road. Taking note of this, three men on a TVS Apache motorcycle came beside him. After this, the person sitting in the last put out his hand and snatched the phone away from this scooter rider.

After this, it was noted that the scooter rider lost control and fell on the road. Thankfully, as all the other car drivers were driving under the speed limit, they stopped on time and managed to avoid driving over the scooter and the scooter rider.

What can you do when your phone/chain is snatched?

  • Nothing much, other than going to the police station and filing a FIR. We strongly advise you not to get into a confrontation with the chain or phone snatchers as these criminals can harm you in retaliation.
  • If you own a high-end phone, make sure you have it insured for theft.

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