AI traffic camera clicks romantic photo of couple on motorcycle: Pic goes viral

The Kerala government installed 726 AI cameras in different parts of the state earlier this year. Ever since their implementation, AI cameras have frequently made headlines for various reasons. We have encountered several cases in which AI cameras wrongly issued challans to motorists. These high-resolution cameras have been installed on various parts of the state and national highways. There have been reports suggesting that deaths in road accidents have decreased by 50 percent after the installation of cameras. Here, we have a case where an AI camera actually captured a romantic photo of a couple on a motorcycle. The image went viral and has been circulating on various social media platforms lately. People are saying that even paid photographers can’t shoot such a sweet picture as this.

The image was shared by Vandi Bhranthanmar on their Instagram page. The post says, “What if I got a Rs 500 fine? I got a great photo that not even a good photographer might be able to capture. I really wish the AI camera could offer the same picture in color so that I can use it for my ‘Save the Date.’” This is the caption that has been shared by the Instagram page that posted the image. We are not sure whether the person who received the fine feels the same way.

In the picture, we can see a man riding a bike with a girl on the pillion seat. The rider is wearing a riding helmet, but the girl is not. We can see the girl smiling in the picture, which is probably why they considered it a romantic picture. It appears that both of them were having a conversation, and the rider might have said something that made the pillion smile. The AI camera decided to capture the image at that moment.

AI camera clicks romantic pic

The image was probably taken at night, which is why it is in black and white. The fine was issued because the pillion was not wearing a helmet. The state government has invested around 232 crores in this project. However, there are a couple of controversies surrounding the implementation of this project. The system is not foolproof, and there have been instances where the public and media have pointed out issues with the system. To address these issues, the government has stationed AMVIs in district control rooms to manually review the images before issuing a challan. The violations recorded by the cameras are sent to a main Data Centre located in Thiruvananthapuram.

After the installation of AI cameras, Kerala has witnessed a decrease in the number of violations as people are concerned about the fines. Riding a two-wheeler without a helmet results in a fine of Rs. 500, while carrying three people on a two-wheeler incurs a fine of Rs. 1,000. Using a mobile phone while driving or riding incurs a fine of Rs. 2,000. The AI camera is capable of detecting a set number of traffic violations. Whenever it detects a violation, it immediately captures a high-resolution image, even at night, and shares it with the data center for further processing.

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