ADAS Misuse: Driver Seen Sleeping In 3rd Seat In Moving Mahindra XUV700 [Video]

Mahindra XUV700 made huge waves in the market when it was launched back in 2021. It became so popular that the demand for the SUV skyrocketed, and people had to wait for years to take delivery after making a booking. One of the main reasons for its popularity was its features. It was one of the most technologically loaded vehicles ever made in Mahindra’s history. One of the major attractions of this SUV was the level 2 ADAS. This was an assistance feature introduced to make the driver’s life a lot easier and safer on the road. However, soon after the launch, we started seeing videos of people misusing these features. Here we have one such video where the driver has folded the rear seats and is using them as a bed while leaving the steering wheel unattended on a highway.


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The video has been shared by Autojournal India on their Instagram page. The exact location where this incident took place is not known. However, in this video, we see a Mahindra XUV700 cruising on a highway in some part of the country while the driver is talking to someone on the phone after converting the rear two rows into a bed. The video doesn’t show how fast the car was going; however, it is definitely traveling at a good speed on this highway. The driver has engaged the Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist Feature of the SUV.

This feature ensures that the vehicle cruises on the road at a constant speed without any intervention from the driver. In fact, the car would also slow down if a vehicle comes in front of it and would stop automatically in an emergency situation if the driver is not paying attention. All these features were meant to make the life of the driver and occupants easier and not more vulnerable.

ADAS misused

The act seen in the video is extremely stupid and dangerous. We would never recommend anyone to do such stunts on public roads. Any person watching this video would know the dangers of performing such acts. We can see that the SUV was being driven on a straight road. As we already know, driving on Indian roads is risky as things can appear out of nowhere, and the car with its ADAS could use the emergency brake at any time. This would throw the driver and the cameraperson away from their spot, and both of them would end up with significant injuries. Apart from this, if the vehicle crashed into something, the airbags would deploy, and because of not being in the proper seating position, the driver’s life could also be compromised.

Even if the driver spots an obstacle on time, he doesn’t have enough time in hand to get up from the rear seat and come all the way to his seat and slow down. Also, all these features work using sensors and radars. Even a minor error in any of these things would result in system malfunction, and the vehicle would go out of control before the driver or occupant could do anything.

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