Actor Mammootty’s Land Rover Defender SUV makes a risky overtake, lucky escape [Video]

Mammootty is one of the biggest names in the Malayalam movie industry. The 72-year-old actor has acted in more than 400 movies in various Indian languages. Other than acting, Mammootty is known for his love for gadgets and cars. The megastar of the Malayalam movie industry has a variety of expensive cars and SUVs in his garage. Mammootty, along with his son Dulquer Salmaan, owns the ‘369 garage’. Mammootty loves driving, and that is the reason he is often seen behind the steering wheel of almost all his cars. A video of Mammootty’s Defender is now going viral on the internet, where the actor makes a risky overtake on a narrow road and narrowly avoids crashing into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

The video has been uploaded by M4 Media on their YouTube channel. In this short video, we see a KSRTC bus going through a narrow two-lane road in Kerala. The bus was being driven slowly when suddenly we see a Land Rover Defender overtaking the bus on a curve. The Land Rover Defender belongs to Mammootty, and he is probably the one driving it. The luxury SUV overtakes the bus from the right side on a curve. The video was recorded by a road user who was ahead of Mammootty’s car. As the SUV was overtaking, a Maruti WagonR hatchback from the opposite lane turns right.

The WagonR was right in front of Mammootty’s Defender. We can even hear the person recording the video scream as they thought both vehicles were going to crash. The Land Rover Defender continued to move forward, and the Maruti WagonR driver took a right turn into a pocket road. It was a close call, but luckily, nothing bad happened. The Land Rover Defender had a couple of bikers behind it. They were probably fans who recognized the vehicle and were following the actor.

Mammootty’s Defender overtaking bus

If the Defender had crashed into the WagonR, then the bikers would have also been injured as they would have crashed into the back of the SUV. If you look at the video carefully, the Land Rover Defender actually made the overtake at a curve where overtaking is not allowed. The same is indicated by the long and continuous white line on the road. If a vehicle had been coming from the opposite direction, then things would have been different. The Land Rover Defender is a huge SUV and wouldn’t have had enough space to give way to the other vehicle.

The WagonR driver who took a right turn was probably not expecting a vehicle to overtake the state transport bus on that narrow road. If the car driver had stopped midway, then they would have definitely crashed into each other. In this case, the actor was at fault. He might have been in a hurry, but that does not mean you should risk lives for the same. It is not clear if the SUV was being driven at a high speed, but the actor did break some rules here.

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