Actor Karan Wahi involved in a road rage incident: Video surfaces

Mumbai, the city of dreams that never sleeps, is home to many celebrities from television and Bollywood. Most of the time, these celebrities try to stay under the radar of public eyes when traveling alone. However, sometimes situations change and, just like other normal people, these celebrities also come under attack. Recently, the popular television actor Karan Wahi was involved in a road rage incident, and a video of this has been shared online. Both Karan Wahi and the other man were seen making videos of each other, explaining their side of the story and accusing the other person.

Karan Wahi involved in road rage incident

The video of this road rage incident has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Ghar Ke Kalesh on the page. The short 52-second video starts off with Karan Wahi stating in his video that, “Mumbai Police, this man has been chasing me.” He adds that this person on the scooter, whom he shows in the video, has been hitting his car and has also been abusing him on the road. Wahi mentions that the man on the scooter is not “backing down,” and he requests Mumbai Police and other people present to help him.

In the same footage, the man can also be seen recording Karan Wahi on his mobile phone. Following this, the video continues and shows Karan Wahi taking out his hand from his car’s window and continuing recording the man on the scooter. Wahi also mentions his scooter’s registration number and states that this is the man that has been continuously hitting my car and repeating that he will not stop. Towards the end, the video then shows Karan Wahi in front of a police van, and this small clip was recorded by the man from the scooter. He states that actor Karan Wahi hit his scooter and blamed him for his mistake.

Karan Wahi’s Instagram story

Following this incident, Karan Wahi shared two stories on his Instagram profile. In the first post, he stated, “The long story short: I took a right turn on the road because there was a car ahead of me. This guy abused me and said, ‘How did you make that cut?’ and he started ranting that ‘I have seen many two-bit TV actors like you.”

Actor Karan Wahi involved in a road rage incident: Video surfaces

Wahi also added, “I took his scooter’s key and gave it back and left the scene. Then he chased me until I stopped at a cop station. He was abusing me and telling me that he has a connection with the police and he will make sure that I pay.” Karan Wahi, in another Instagram story shared soon after the first, stated that he is now safe. He stated, “I am safe, I am home. Have spoken to the cops. Hopefully, this will get resolved. Thank you @mumbaipolice.”

Who was at fault here?

Now, from the video, it is very hard to conclude as to who was at fault. This is because there is no video proof of the incident of who cut off whom first. This issue could have been easily resolved if Karan Wahi’s car had a dashcam. Over the last few months, numerous dashcam footages from cars involved in accidents have proved who actually was at fault. Generally, in India, the blame is pinned on the driver of the bigger vehicle. However, dashcams have helped a lot of innocent people. This is why I recommend you to install a dashcam on your vehicle as soon as possible.

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