Aaron Rodgers Tells Us Why He Designed a $12,800 Swiss Watch

So was it the process of like, okay, you know that you’re going to do this colored bezel; now you have to pick which numerals to use or what are the hands going to look like?

So we started with color. Then we went, first, different types of numbers, a bigger number here, the shading on the numbers. Are we going to put a little color on the second hand and the timer as well? Are we going to leave that blank? We’re going to go do something with that. And then there was the signature.

Actually, the entire caseback. It was, what were we going to do with the back? Are we going to make it see-through? Are we going to cover it up? Where are we at with the autographs? Big, small, middle, side. So there were a lot of different options. It was a back-and-forth process for a while.

You are into classy and classic watches. Did you have something specific in mind for what you wanted this watch to feel like?

I think classy, timeless, wearable for every day. Something different than they’ve done for a while, and then at the same time something you can wear every day. So you could wear it with different colors, different outfits, more casual, more dressed up. I think we accomplished that.

The watch is very green. Is that a nod to the Jets? Or is it just a shade that you just happened to like?

Well, we all liked green, and most of the conversations happened when I was still a Packer, and I still thought I was going to be a Packer or retire. So there wasn’t any Jets conversation in it, but I’m going from green to green.

I was going to say.

But it works for honoring the old 18 years in Green Bay and also excitement about the future in New York.

Did you intend for that? Or it just works out that you like green, you’re comfortable in green?

Yeah, it totally just worked out. I mean, I think green is a color you can wear with light colors and also dark colors. So that’s why we all felt like it could be an everyday watch. And they hadn’t really done green ever in that collection. So they really brought that to the table early, and I was like, “Yeah, for sure. That’d be great.”

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