A New 'Bob The Builder' Movie With Jennifer Lopez As Producer Is On The Way

While it’s been a hot minute since anything new has come from the Bob the Builder camp, everyone’s favorite general contractor will soon be back in action. With Jennifer Lopez producing and Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos voicing a Latino Bob, a new animated film from Mattel will take the hard-hat-wearing-hero in a slightly new direction. In essence, fans might be in store for seeing a Barbie-like spin on a Bob the Builder movie.

Up to this point, Bob’s series and movies have focused on simple storylines and a prevailing “can do” attitude. Bob lived and worked in Bobsville or Fixam Harbor, which looks and functions like every other small English town for all intents and purposes. With this reboot, it appears ol’ Bob will not only be out of his element but also taking a deeper dive into what his job entails and what his work means to a community. Pretty deep for every kid’s favorite construction worker, right?

Here’s everything we know so far.

What will the new Bob the Builder movie be about?

From very early information, it seems Bob will travel to an entirely new country for a construction job. According to Variety, “A twist on the long-running children’s series, Bob the Builder follows Roberto (aka Bob), who travels to Puerto Rico for a major construction job.

According to the official logline for the film, audiences will see Bob as he “takes on issues affecting the island and digs deeper into what it means to build. Bob’s journey will celebrate the vibrant and colorful textures of the Caribbean Latin nations and their people.”

What exactly Bob will be doing or what he’ll encounter beyond that is anyone’s guess. Since real-life Puerto Rico is still dealing with the aftermath of 2017’s Hurricane Maria, he may help clean up and rebuild after the devastation of a “very big storm.” Then again, with kids’ programming being more forthright and educational these days, the movie may dive headfirst into the science of hurricanes and potentially even global warming.

The movie could cover much ground, even outside the world of climate science. Does Puerto Rico need new buildings or resorts to help restore the much-needed tourism industry? Or would Bob’s time be better spent helping to construct homes for the island’s permanent residents or fortifying the territory’s infrastructure? Bob might run into supply and utility issues, too, a problem facing both Puerto Rican residents and contractors around the world right now. But can we fix it? “Yes, we can!”

Digging deep into major cultural and environmental issues would give the new Bob the Builder film a sort of grown-up, Barbie-esque quality — which tracks, given Mattel is behind both films. Plus, that would make sense, given the gap in Builder content and the age of former fans.

Who’s in the cast?

Mattel is certainly lining up the star power for Bob the Builder. Lopez is in the lead, but Ramos is also helping with the story’s creation. If you’re well-versed in musical theater, Ramos probably looks pretty familiar — he’s starred in both Hamilton and In the Heights (along with blockbusters like the latest Transformers film). And, yes, you probably recognize him from that Crown Royal commercial, if nothing else.

“For years, Bob the Builder’s characters have inspired young people around the world,” shares Ramos, who’s of Puerto Rican descent. A movie about friends working together, a celebration of a beautiful home they share, and how love can help to conquer any obstacle in your way.

Sounds a lot like something said by a certain friend of our “$10 founding father” from Hamilton.

When will the movie come out?

There’s no word yet on when Bob the Builder will start filming or when it will be released, but that hasn’t quelled the excitement for fans of this nostalgic franchise.

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