A Closer Look at JEM Farms’ New Greenhouse Tech Research Facility

Horteca, a branch of JEM Farms, is a new 2-acre research facility dedicated to showcasing the latest green technologies in joint venture with ecoation, including advancements in integrated pest management (IPM) to robotics and AI. The partnership also involves the University of Windsor providing a multitude of research opportunities. Also on display and lighting its research crops will be Sollum Technologies fully dynamic LED lighting solution.

Located in Ruthven, Ontario, JEM Farms is a third-generation greenhouse operation specializing in cucumbers and tomatoes. Partner ecoation offers a sophisticated forecasting software allowing growers to simply and accurately track yield and IPM targets.

The JEM and ecoation teams have joined forces to construct Horteca, a North American horticultural technology center and academy designed to display the latest greenhouse technologies and foster advanced research and development projects.

“Across the 2 acres of Horteca, we hope to demonstrate technology and conduct research that addresses pressing challenges that growers face today and those they may face in the future, such as how to effectively grow residue-free produce and manage labor shortages,” says Jamie Jr. Mastronardi, General Manager of JEM Farms. “For Horteca to meet its full potential, we need a lighting solution that is up to the task, one that has the versatility to fulfil the needs of variety of research projects and that can itself demonstrate the latest developments in dynamic LED technology. Sollum’s smart solution was the choice for us.”

Research and development has always been at the core of Sollum Technologies’ business strategy and company mission.

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“Without a firm commitment to conducting new research and developing new technologies, it would not be possible for us to provide one of the most advanced LED grow light solution on the market today,” says Sam Soltaninejad, Chief Horticultural Specialist for Sollum Technologies. “Horteca presents a unique opportunity for us to work with the best and brightest researchers and innovators to explore new and exciting avenues in sustainable agriculture and green technologies for the benefit of growers across North America and beyond.”

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