88 Best Prime Day Deals 2023 Has to Offer

If you’re a grizzled Amazon Prime Day veteran, you know we’re not the only operation touting our curatorial bona fides. Lists like these are a dime a dozen. We can’t promise quite the same degree of depth as some of our counterparts. (The downside of discerning taste, after all, is a certain degree of finickiness.) What we can promise, though, is that every deal on this list has been carefully, deliberately hand-picked by us—and not just because it’s on sale. We’ve scrutinized thousands of products in an effort to make good on that promise. You’ll find something on sale at the Site That Bezos Built worth considering—and if you dig GQ’s perspective on all things style and grooming, chances are you’ll dig the selection here, too.

Oh, and if you’re a Prime Day newbie utterly bewildered by the whole rigmarole—and thoroughly nonplussed by our long-winded spiel—don’t fret: we put together a dedicated explainer to help you make sense of it all.

Since Amazon likes to add (and subtract) product deals throughout the event, we’ll be updating this post with most recent Prime Day deals up until the well of savings runs dry. So bookmark this page (people still bookmark pages, right?) and come back throughout the next two days to see what other worthy steals are still sitting on the digital shelf.

Prime Day Apple Deals

Now’s the time to upgrade your ancient iPhone, pop in some new AirPods, or splurge on a savvy new iPad.


The differences between the 9th-generation and 10th-generation iPads are so nominal that you might as well opt for the older model so you can save extra money.


The AirPods Pro didn’t get a new model this year, and it’s hard to see how Apple could improve on the current pair, which has outstanding noise-cancellation and overall amazing audio quality.


Never lose your keys/bag/dog/other dog again.


The bougie AirPods Max are as stylish as they are exceptional—spatial audio works well, noise cancellation is second to none, and 20 hours of battery life is more than enough to get you through your commute.


iPhone 15 Pro Max Silicone Case with MagSafe

Congrats on scoring the latest and greatest from Apple, but make sure you keep that bad boy protected from dents, dings, and scratches.


Every iPhone user should own an Apple Watch if they want to keep track of all of their phone’s activity—from notifications to your daily step count—from their wrist.

Looking for more? Shop our longer list of Prime Day Apple deals here.

Prime Day Menswear Deals

McQueen-approved shades from Persol? Nice, normal button-ups from Gap? GQ’s all-time favorite boxer trunks? The Everything Store really stepped up its game this year, and the effort shows.


Reverse Weave Fleece Hoodie

It’s hoodie season and we’re never looking back.


By the looks of these well-worn jeans, you’d’ve thought they actually came from ’93.


Still plenty of time before winter to wear (and wear in) a fresh denim jacket.

Brooks Brothers

Classic Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt

Slap on some thick corduroy pants, a pair of loafers with white socks, and top it off with a beanie and you’re a full-on Aime Leon Dore model.


RB4162 Aviator Sunglasses

You’ll be flying high in no time. Or if you’re already there, you can use these to block the bloodshot eyes.


EcoSmart Fleece Sweatshirt

Use those brain smarts and rake in the savings on this toasty sweater while you can.

Calvin Klein

Cotton Classics Boxer Brief (7-pack)

Be real with yourself. The state of your underwear drawer looks an awful lot like the moon’s crater-blasted surface. Do yourself a favor and refresh your boxer briefs.


“Steens” Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket

“Brr, it’s cold in here” is what you won’t be saying with this fluffy fleece jacket in your arsenal.


SWR049 Essentials Collection Watch

Good enough to make you forget that Tank you’d been ogling.


Watertight II Rain Jacket

Look, it’s gonna rain sooner or later and wouldn’t you rather be caught on the right side of the forecast?


G5000 Heavy cotton T-shirt (10-pack)

Gildan’s long been a GQ favorite and, well, nothing’s changed. They’re still super soft, with a great fit, and an even better price. The Frank Ocean shout out doesn’t hurt either.

Looking for more? Shop our longer list of Prime Day clothing deals here.

Prime Day Tech Deals

Noise-cancelling status cans, ultra-crisp 4K TVs, premium wireless speakers—all for way less than usual.


Noise-Cancelling 700 Wireless Headphones

One of our favorite sets of over-ear headphones combines elite noise cancellation features with cushy leather and pristine sound quality—all for $80 off right now.


75-Inch Class QLED 4K Q60C Series TV

Movie theater-quality picture even for your small studio apartment.


A far cry from the boombox of the ’80s, this beefy JBL speaker has 24 hours of battery life, some of the bounciest bass you can find, and a fully waterproof design.


Much cheaper than hiring someone else to vacuum your house.


Turn your dumb TV into a smart one so you can stream all your favorite Netflix shows on the big screen.


Propel Series 750 Blender

One of the newest Vitamixes lets you blend with abandon: Just dump what you want to get absolutely demolished, pick the setting (like hot soup or smoothie), and enjoy in a couple minutes.


No, the barista doesn’t have an extra charger.


PS-LX310BT Belt Drive Turntable

Given the resurgence of vinyl, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment to spin those funky records.


Become your own projectionist, just in time for the digital release of Barbenheimer.


Meet the Bear Grylls of watches.


Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde BP06

Dyson’s new line of air purifiers are more powerful and quieter than ever, enough to help you get through cold and flu season (hopefully) unscathed.


A 4K TV for how much?!

Looking for more? Shop our longer list of Prime Day tech deals here.

Prime Day Shoe Deals

Looking to upgrade you sneaker rotation? Prime Day is filled with markdowns on Adidas, Merrell, Dr. Martens, and more.


These sturdy leather boots were made for stompin’ and that’s exactly what you’ll do.


Funky and functional (or as we like to say, funktional), these suede mocs are decked out with an extra grippy EVA sole to keep you surefooted throughout all kinds of terrain.


The Moab 3 is the new king of the mountain, if not for its trail-gripping tread, cloud-comfy fit, and rain-shedding uppers, then for its absolutely down-to-earth price point.

Deer Stags

Toss on some socks, big baggy shorts, your favorite hoodie, and the hoodies-and-shorts-haters will be vanquished.

Cole Haan

Polishing up your fits doesn’t have to break the bank. Cole Haan’s ever-stylish Pinch loafers will add a dash of old man steez (by way of Tyler, the Creator) for just about a hundred bucks.


Retro basketball shoes are hotter than ever. These offer old-school good looks without compromising your ankles—on or off the hardwood.


Funky sandals that will unsurprisingly look killer with a pair of equally funky socks.


“Super Liga” Retro Sneaker

What, did you really think Adidas had the entire retro sneaker market cornered?


Bozeman Snow and Rain Boot

Tackle the rain (and snow later on) with gusto.


Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

If you’re going to get a deck shoe, might as well get the OG (especially when it’s half off)!

Cole Haan

Pinch Penny Slip-on Loafer

Cleaning up nice doesn’t have to involve a hefty price. Bars!


The only chukka that matters.

Looking for more? Shop our longer list of Prime Day shoe deals here.

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