82 year-old Grandma gets her husband’s 50 year-old Jawa restored as a gift for grandkids [Video]

To some people, bikes and cars may just be a means of transportation to go from point A to point B, but for some, they are much more than that. These vehicles can become time capsules and forms of remembrance for their loved ones. Recently, one heartwarming story related to a 50-year-old Jawa motorcycle was shared online. This story encapsulates the restoration of the said Jawa motorcycle, which belonged to a grandfather who passed away a number of years ago. His bike was recently brought to a shop for complete restoration by his 82-year-old grandmother, who wanted to gift this bike to her grandkids. The online-shared video narrates the story of this unique project in detail.

The video of this 50-year-old Jawa motorcycle has been shared on YouTube by Clutch and Gear on their channel. The presenter of the video starts it with a brief overview of this project. He states that this particular Jawa motorcycle was brought to them by an 82-year-old grandmother. The bike was kept at her home as it belonged to her late husband, who brought this bike home 50 years ago. This year, she decided to bring this bike to the shop for a complete nut and bolt restoration as she wanted to pass on this bike to her grandkids.

Next, the presenter mentions that many people might say that it does not make financial sense to restore such an old vehicle. The rationale behind this thought of many people is that the parts and labor on these projects just do not make sense, as it far exceeds the value of the finished product. He then adds that, however, for some people, the absolute value of the finished vehicle is irrelevant. This is because, in return, they get a lot of sentimental value. And as humans, sometimes the sentimental and emotional value of something is much more than the real commercial value of the finished restored product. The presenter adds that this project was even more special as the 82-year-old grandmother herself came to the shop to drop off the bike with her grandkids.

Following this, the video mentions that the first thing in the restoration project that they take on is working on the mechanical side of the vehicle. It states that the restored bike should work properly for years after they deliver the vehicle to their clients. So, for this project, they also started with the mechanical aspect of this bike. In the background, the bike can be seen completely torn down to its chassis. The technicians can then be seen working on different parts of the bike like the wheel bearings, the engine, and the main handlebar.

After this, the video adds that before starting the work on this bike, they first gathered their team and discussed the project. It states that the members of the team stated that the project would be very difficult as the parts would be very hard to come by. It then mentions that they found and connected with a number of vendors across the country to procure the parts for this Jawa motorcycle and then commenced the final assembly.

82 year-old Grandma gets her husband’s 50 year-old Jawa restored as a gift for grandkids [Video]

Moving on, the voiceover in the video adds that many parts on this bike were deeply rusted, and they had to rechrome many parts. The video mentions that for the deep rust holes, they had to spot weld them and then they sent the parts for a brand new bottle green paint job. They added that for this job, there were no stickers available, so they had to hand-paint the Jawa logo on the tank. Also, they installed a few more chrome parts on the bike which were not originally chrome from the factory. Lastly, the video adds that they added a brand new tan leather seat to enhance the elegance of this restored bike.

82 year-old Grandma gets her husband’s 50 year-old Jawa restored as a gift for grandkids [Video]

Finally, in the video, the voiceover mentions that before the final delivery, each and every painted part of the bike was buffed and polished to enhance the gold flakes and the bottle green paint job. After this, the bike was delivered to the home of the 82-year-old grandmother, who can be seen mesmerized with the finished bike. In the video, her son can also be seen performing a Pooja (ritual) of the bike after getting it delivered to their home. The entire family then mentions that they are extremely happy with the outcome of this unique project.

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