71 Gifts for Husbands in 2023 That'll Knock It Out of the Park

There was a time when you could gift the ol’ “hubby” a bottle of whiskey or a nice dinner, and call it a day. But the best gifts for husbands (or long-term boyfriends that are just one tax break shy of being your legal life partner) should go a step further. After all, the modern man contains multitudes, and any tribute to him should feel singular and well thought-out. With an endless array of options at your fingertips, though, where do you even start? Deep breaths, we’ve got you.

Ultimately, the best gift is to show your partner you see them and truly get them. Tap into the hobbies he spends the most time on, take him up on any of the menswear hints he’s been dropping all year long, or give him permission to explore sides of himself he wouldn’t usually spend money on—your choice. Whether he’s a man of simple pleasures, or, as high-falutin’ as they come, we’ve pulled together some thoughtful, elevated holiday gifts for husbands of every kind this holiday season, even yours—including comfy layers, stylish tech gadgets, and more.

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